K2 and IKEA cooperate again.

K2 has won the pitch for creation and promotion of IKEA Employer Branding Platform.
IKEA employee

K2 has won the pitch to create and carry out promotional activities for IKEA Employer Branding Platform. The project is to reflect IKEA’s approach to recruitment process and related values. The promotional campaign is planned to last at least one year and includes preparation of materials relating to internal communication to employees and external communication.

IKEA Employer Branding Platform will be addressed to potential and present employees. We are just in the middle of designing process.

K2 and IKEA have the cooperation history that spreads to 14 years back. Companies have completed many projects together, for instance VR technology-based report “IKEA. Made in Poland” that received Innovation Award in 2017. The report refers to 50 years of IKEA in Poland, the company’s influence on the Polish economy and sustainable development. The agency has lately participated in the creation of the project encouraging people to find the job in the second largest IKEA shop in Lublin.

Agencja K2. 01.09.2017.