Building brands.

We help brands engage with consumers.

Our communication stops the „scroll”, catches an eye and bonds.

We combine competencies from strategy, technology, storytelling and design to equip a brand with the best context and content in the new, digital world.

Our work system stands on four pillars. First, we focus on the insight into the consumers’ behavior. We find the best context for our communication with regard to culture and media. Then, on this ground, we create a story, using design to tell it in the best possible way.

  360° campaigns. Storytelling. Branding. Design. Motion. Strategy.   360° campaigns. Storytelling. Branding. Design. Motion. Strategy.

Our competencies

360° Campaigns

We design ideas that work in every medium. Web, mobile, social media, television, print and all remaining.

Social Storytelling

We build brands in social media by creating stories, not only posts.

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Branding & Visual Identity

Design is much more than making things look pretty, but we do also that. We design brand identities and key visuals.

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Production & Motion

We can create content, videos, animations — everything to make our ideas alive.

Client Strategy

We take care about brands on every stage: from building identity of a brand up to tactic-based sales communication.


We bond technology with strategy and creativity. It supplements the idea.

K2 Media

The technology and unique data analysis tools enable us to reach the right consumer with the right content in the right time. We use data to increase sales and build brands.