Digital transformation of Carrefour Poland.

We have been supporting the digital transformation of the retail network since 2013.
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We have been working with Carrefour since 2013. Together, we develop digital products that correspond with the modern consumers’ lifestyle and expectations. When we created subsequent versions of the main Internet website, or of the mobile application, or when we shaped the new processes in the organization related thereto, we actually participated in lying foundations, upon which, in 2017, the new digital transformation strategy of this retail chain was based. The strategy is about quitting the multi-channel sales model and focus on the full omnichannel concept.

The year 2017 was the year of great technological development in Carrefour Polska. The company created referential, omnichannel model of operation for the Polish retail market, taking care of integration and synergy between all sales and customer communication channels. We improved both: the traditional store chain and accessibility and attractiveness of our offer in the Internet.
Guillaume de Colonges, President of Carrefour Polska.

The digital maturity Carrefour can present now is the result of many years of gradual development — in the area of digital competencies and organizational culture.

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Foundations of e‑commerce.

At the beginning of our cooperation, website provided only basic information about the chain, i.e. list of shops, access to product leaflets and notifications on current promotions.

Carrefour was not ready to enter the path of internet sales, despite great willingness of our team and the customer’s team. Then again, a tiny bit of effort allowed us to take the first step towards e‑commerce.

We arranged our ambitions and prepared a 3‑year roadmap for Carrefour digital channels development, based on organization digital maturity model. Then, we focused on constructing solid grounds.

Roadmap for Carrefour digital channels development

Organization of the brand’s presence in the Internet. Concentration on actions relating to positioning and mass e-mail marketing.

Many channels.
Reaching the clients through different channels, according to their preferences (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Analyses of client’s activities.
Connecting digital actions with business outcome on the basic level. Monitoring of users’ actions.

Searching for solutions that increase users’ engagement. Use of data derived from user traffic analysis and tests in order to better plan and manage the campaign and to increase conversion.

Optimization of marketing-related costs. User focus. Communication via channels preferred by the user.

Improvement of communication between channels. Building users’ profiles based on information from offline and online channels. Automation of conversion key elements: Call to Action buttons, etc. — based on behavior of users with similar profiles.

Long-term loyalty.
Strong connection between digital actions and business outcomes. Use of forecasts and client-related analytics to optimize users experience in all points of contact. Assessment of the client’s value over time.

Desktop with Carrefour website

The new website presents product offer in a typical e-commerce way — divided into categories, with detailed description, availability information, price information and promotion information. The structure and navigation are simplified. Moreover, we added mechanism to personalize content and to display list of products and promotions depending on the most favorable or the nearest store.

We automated content management process, combining availability and price related data from ERP system with multimedia product descriptions automatically derived from databases of external providers. In order to simplify website management even more and to consolidate data sources we supported the store locator with data from Carrefour intranet.

One of the more important example of website use was downloading the product gazette. Therefore, we focused our attention on that aspect and we turned the basic PDF version into interactive one, valid for specific format and specific store, enabling the user to enter the page with detailed information about the product and its availability. The management module can be easily adopted into existing DTP process. We were developing functionality of the website more and more as the years went by and we were able to create technological and organizational foundations for the future development of eCommerce in Carrefour.

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“Mój Carrefour” mobile application gave way to new sales models.

The next step on the path to strengthen Carrefour digital position was creation of the new, more direct and personalized client communication channel, i.e. Android and iOS mobile applications. The first version of the applications was issued in 2014 and was created in order to encourage users to visit brick and mortar shops.

Applications offered a clear way to present products available in selected shops and the latest promotion gazettes. The user could find the nearest store by using geo-location service, check the price of a product with scanner and take benefit of the handy list to facilitate everyday shopping.

“Mój Carrefour” mobile application

We enriched the applications in the mobile payment service (Masterpass service) and Scan&Go service, thus enabling the client to scan the product directly at shelves and then make mobile payments avoiding paying at cash desk, which significantly speeds up and facilitate the shopping process.

Then, we decided to add collaborative shopping service (SąSiatki), which was an important business innovation and quite a challenge. This service enables placing a remote order in the nearest Carrefour shop. The goods are then delivered by a person, who agrees to do so against payment from Carrefour. SąSiatki service changes Carrefour mobile applications into cooperation and micro-services exchange platform.

„Mój Carrefour” applications were used by over 1 million people in Poland.

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„Rodzinka” loyalty program — mobile debut.

The next thing we had to change in the client communication area was the loyalty program called ‘Rodzinka’, applicable in around 170 stores of Carrefour Polska. It had its presence in the Internet, but a very simplified one — it was just an informative website where you could check balance of points.

When creating the new version of website, we strived to achieve two goals: we wanted to relieve Customer Service Points to the maximal possible extent and to enable clients to independently manage their point coupons that were one of the program’s pillars.

In order to meet these goals, we had to closely cooperate with backend system provider and modify some processes in the program. As a result, we substantially modified loyalty program registration process — supporting as many as 7 registration scenarios for offline and on-line path, and personal data editing process.

„Rodzinka” loyalty program — mobile

The online coupon module allowed us to personalize offer for clients by adjusting it to their shopping preferences. Moreover, the loyalty program website enabled Carrefour to offer great number of various attractive discounts, thus keeping the clients unwavering interest in product offerings and motivating required behaviors, i.e. more frequent visits and higher value of the shopping cart. Registration through digital channel made it possible to acquire new users by way of digital marketing actions and performance campaigns.

We could further integrate the loyalty program with “Mój Carrefour” mobile application, and all because we modified backend processes and digitized coupons. We created program-dedicated virtual card – Rodzinka Card, so the clients could benefit from the program without the need to show a plastic card at the cash desk. It boosted up the comfort and activity of users. Then, the digital version of coupons allowed greater variability, which, in combination with geo-location filtering and prioritizing according to shopping preferences made the application more attractive and increased the frequency of users’ interaction with the program and the brand.

Bringing the Rodzinka program to the mobile level was a refresher to its image, stimulated activity of present users and, in combination with convenient registration method and well-thought promotions in stores, significantly increased the number of new users.

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Carrefour Marketplace — bold approach to eCommerce.

In the 4th quarter of 2017 Carrefour has launched marketplace ecommerce platform, where it integrates all of its e-commerce activity. Marketplace is a service that allows external and verified partners to sell products on the Carrefour website, using its range and support tools.

We were asked to combine two separate websites — existing focused on products offered by brick and mortar shops and the new marketplace e-commerce platform.

What we found most challenging was the balance between the key e-commerce functions of the new website and the most important elements of promotion used by normal shops, such as in-store promotions, promotional gazettes or shop-specific coupons. We had to find the right proportion between these two areas when designing the new structure and interface and when designing the strategy of migration to the new technology.


The migration strategy included transitional integration of data between old and new technological platform, separation of the loyalty program and the existing mobile application data sources and making these available based on dedicated API.

Carrefour Polska has implemented the formula called “invite marketplace”, which is unique on the Polish ground. It is beneficial for clients and our partners. The clients may select from various products and the sellers are able to develop and use extensive client base of Carrefour. Since November 2017, when the marketplace concept was brought to life, the product offering on the platform has increased by 110% and the number of sellers by 53%. Such good results prove that omnichannel model combining, among the others, brick and mortar shops, e-commerce and marketplace is a very effective tool to attract both: clients and suppliers. Bożena Nawara-Borek, E-commerce Director, Carrefour Polska.
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Assistance in building an innovative ecosystem of partners.

The digital transformation process is a continuous process, therefore, together with Carrefour, we constantly look for innovation-prone areas. Our K2 Digital Ventures Team helps C4 Retail Lab (a separate organizational structure of Carrefour engaged in experimenting together with startups) to build ecosystem of investors and startups.

Carrefour has global agenda that includes active search for startups and independent innovators. The agenda is aimed at finding breaking technologies and business models so to select those able to provide the highest added value to the corporation’s clients and partners. As a part of works executed by the Retail Lab in Poland, Carrefour builds ecosystem of startups and investors to:

  • Sort startups that match Carrefour’s expectations the best way possible; during the process of selection and further during the Proof of Concept we choose innovators willing and ready to work with Carrefour.
  • Gather investors and create investment opportunities they may use; all startups selected and verified during Scouting and Proof of Concept stages are to be presented to investors in order to encourage them to run the startup or to participate in the investment round.

K2 Digital Ventures support includes:

  • Coordination of startup cooperation processes,
  • Promotion of selected startups and Proof of Concept related thereto among innovators,
  • Preparation of procedures and processes regarding cooperation of startups with Carrefour,
  • Preparation of investment related budgets and budget constructing rules for Retail Lab,
  • Development of platform to exchange information with Polish Venture Capital funds and Business Angels.

More information on current initiatives in C4 Retail Lab to be found here:

Coverage and customer reach.

We have built and still develop Carrefour ecosystem allowing to undertake data-based communication actions. We have done that alongside development of WWW and mobile channels, as we were supported by other entities from K2 Group (K2 Media Agency). We carry out campaigns that measure ROPO level, analyzing influence of online campaign on offline sales. To do so, we use opportunities provided by geotargeting and segment profiling in existing social media.

We have created data management platform to conduct ongoing analysis of users’ data from CRM, loyalty program and servers. We benefit from personalization and marketing automation to provide suitable advertisement formats supported by suitable website contents to targeted groups.

We have created strategy, recommendation and we have conducted pilot implementation of technology that enables use of Big Data and machine learning to measure and increase conversion of online-to-offline actions.

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