K2 and Drupal 8.

We built K2.pl website using the same technology as the biggest banks and corporations.
K2 and Drupal 8.

The challenge.

In 2018 we faced the challenge to develop the new website for our agency. When we started the project, our then-present website was 6 years old. we felt it was high time for a change.

We shot for a flexible, modern, secure website that would set a new direction in website design and that would transparently present wide scope of our competencies.

Service integrated with multisite system

The solution.

While searching for the right development solutions we focused primarily on setting detailed goals that the new website had to meet:

  • the website should present K2 business areas in a way that leaves no doubt for any visitors regarding the scope of service and our specializations;
  • we want to replace our 11-year old CMS with a new one – we need a solution more flexible, cost-effective in maintenance and enabling advanced edition;
  • we need a solution to further design sister websites (new services or companies) based on the same layout and tools;
  • we implement solution allowing quick, easy and cost-effective transition of all K2 companies’ websites to new CMS and layout;
  • we want to have our own medium – we need a space to share knowledge and information with our clients and business partners.

Selection of the right technology was the key issue. Such technology supposed to meet all our goals and serve us for years to come. we have been operating over 20 years and we have seen many CMS systems, both open source and enterprise. Moreover, we have designed a few of our own, customized solutions (some of them still operating and maintained). Based on all these experiences and detailed analysis of solutions available on the market we decided Drupal 8 to be our best choice.

Fast content loading thanks to Lazy Load and ImageMagick

It is a mature system, existing from 2001. Drupal 8 is based on PHP 7 technology that ensures quick operation and includes Symfony Framework components found to be the best solutions to develop complex applications. Drupal 8 uses so called Twig templates, which simplifies frontend works and improves security.

Our Drupal Security Team, composed of experts, oversees the security of Drupal and provides quick updates if any security-related problems occur. This technology is used by banks, big corporations or government institutions, which is for sure the confirmation of its security.

Moreover, Drupal 8 offers great support for communities – over forty thousand of ready modules, millions of implementations all over the world and, on top of that, amazing cache (site refreshing) system that improves the efficiency, plus permanent support of SEO activities.

100% of SEO and Performance in Google Lighthouse

So, when we analyzed advantages of the open-source solution, its stability and security, spiced up by development costs relating to long-term maintenance we found it second-to-none in that particular case.

As a part of our website design process we also created our own modules responsible for integration with external websites that we use in K2 in everyday work.


Shortly after the implementation of K2.pl website we started to create the new webpage designed on the basis of the first website. We put together multisite function, translation module and previously selected layout and we were able to quickly create a webpage for our new company: www.k2bots.ai.

It all took only a tiny bit of development-related works and a small amount of costs because we could benefit from what Drupal 8 had to offer.

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