We have designed eCommerce website for well−recognized shop chain. Twice.
Leroy Merlin eCommerce website


This is not the first time we have cooperated with Leroy Merlin in designing eCommerce website and mobile application. The client came back to us after a few years with the request to redesign its main website.

The project’s main goal was to unify and ensure continuity of user experience between different formats: from desktop, through tablet, to mobile website and even application. We found it quite challenging considering the scale of the project and new sales-related business goals involved.

Leroy Merlin eCommerce website
Leroy Merlin eCommerce website


Before we set our foot on the design path, we had a chance to see through many qualitative and quantitative researches plus exceptionally developed analytics offered by the website.

All formats (desktop, tablet and mobile) were designed at the same time, with forceful attention put to ensure coherence of visual and functional aspects.

Leroy Merlin eCommerce website

We made it a priority to implement various sales procedures and solutions used currently on the best eCommerce websites, which were absent at Leroy Merlin so far.

Leroy Merlin eCommerce website


The new website is implemented in stages. Presently, the user can profit from refreshed desktop and mobile version. Many periodic studies run by Leroy Merlin allow the conclusion that the change has provoke a very positive feedback and that conversion, sales and other most important business goals have improved greatly.

All these would not be possible without a very well organized, professional and conscious approach of the client and proficient cooperation with the company responsible for implementation of our design.

Leroy Merlin eCommerce website
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