Agile Development.

The best projects are built when we focus on “up and running” product and swiftly react to changes.
Wdrożenia w metodykach Agile

How do we apply the Agile method?

We believe „Agile” to be not only „a catchy” word. Most of all, it is verified work process that warrants you will always get:

The product on time.

KProviding the product on time is the key issue for us. Mind you. We mean the product that will satisfy your business requirements. Therefore, we will help you to manage the scope as necessary for the team to focus on things most important for your product.

Budget security.

Have you heard that agile methods make budget controlling harder? That a myth. It is all the way round. Transparency is the key. Therefore, you know the cap limit of the budget you apply to contract the team. You settle accounts with us only for completed works. And you can stop them at any time.

Easy changes during work.

Do not bother with business requirements changes in your organization. It is a constant thing, no use to fight it. Our teams know that and are ready to react. Agile methods enable to avoid additional costs relating to controlling such changes.

Ongoing insight into created product.

The work in our teams is carried out in short stages (sprints). Each sprint ends with provision of the fully up and running product. Therefore, no need to wait for months. You can always control whether the product you pay for meets your requirements.

Comfort of working with the dedicated team.

You will directly work with the dedicated team. You know who works for you and when. The effectiveness of project is supervised by PMO team (Project Management Office)

Our specialization.

Commerce, CMS and loyalty platforms.

  • We work using our own solutions and off-the-shelf solutions accessible on the market,
  • We organize lotteries and contests to support marketing activities,
  • We support lead collection processes,
  • We integrate external tools,
  • We design WWW sites using our own CMS system; we also use other market-available solutions,
  • We are experienced in creation of big loyalty platforms,
  • We develop digital sales channels.

Software development and API integration.

  • We create solutions tailored for specific business needs,
  • We integrate with external systems, both client and supplier-side,
  • We aid in API integration,
  • We guarantee refined process of software designing and maintaining; some of our clients have been with us for 10 years now.

Front-end development.

  • We know the frequency of JavaScript framework changes,
  • We select stable and reliable solutions; ReactJS is a verified technology, used in the biggest companies,
  • We provide front-end services also as separate services; it means that you can implement our code into any tool whatsoever if you have someone who can do it.

What technologies we use?

Metodyka Agile w wykonaniu K2