Analytics and conversion optimization

The control over your activity in the Internet may be ensured only by well-organized processes of data monitoring, data understanding and practical use.

Regardless of the fact whether you create digital strategy, plan internet campaign, carry out eCommerce, modify or build internet site or you are in charge of marketing content activities you should use the data as the foundation of effective performance. Only having well-organized processes of data monitoring, understanding and practical use thereof you know what you do, and you have control over your activities in the Internet.

What advantages you can have using data to make decisions?

More accurate decisions and better quality or decision-making process.

When using data, you make decisions less based on hunch and subjective feelings. You have very solid grounds to plan and make decisions – the real behavior of users.

Increase of sales and conversion ratio.

Data enables to you to focus primarily on actions with the highest potential and facilities planning of the priority of such actions.

Monitoring and opportunity to react quickly.

We will help you organize processes of data application. You will get an immediate feedback in case of any unsettling signals, such as more 404 pages, decrease in traffic, slower service operation or decrease of conversion ratio. We will be able to determine cause thereof and suggest the right reaction in no time.

KPI achievement estimation.

You will get estimation of sales results expected as at the end of the month already after a few days of campaign. Thanks to this you will know exactly what the risk of missing sales targets is and if any preventive measures should be applied.

Explanation of hypothesis, answers to questions and possible tests.

Data analysis helps to answer forwarded questions in substantial number of cases. When analytical system data is insufficient, we can use A/B tests:

  • what advantages you should communicate,
  • to which subpage direct the campaign,
  • what main page content is the most effective.

Internet marketing segmentation base.

Data constitutes segmentation base. It allows to direct communication to targeted recipients (for instance by using Marketing Automation). Data-based conclusions are used to prepare communication strategy and then to assess results thereof.

Marketing action-related goals in the Internet.

Most activities of internet marketing are aimed at achieving specific goals. It may include:

  • sales via internet,
  • form filling (for instance: form with e-mail address or phone number),
  • participation in contest or quiz,
  • clicking selected element on a page (for instance: credit calculator),
  • establishment of connection (click to call),
  • knowledge of a product’s features,
  • number of quality page visits.

In practice, these goals are much more inflated. Data-based conversion optimization in one of the most effective way to achieve goals without the need to expand budget.

Conversion optimization process we use in order to increase sales.

In order to optimize conversion, we need to know your business and marketing goals as well as specific performance indicators. Once we gather all detailed information about your clients and target group we can determine the stage of conversion path with the best grow potential. And we focus on this element.

The conversion optimization may include, but is not limited to:

  • ad creation (graphic, content, mailing, etc.),
  • selection of media and the way of displaying,
  • target pages (UX, communication),
  • offers, products’ prices,
  • handling processes,
  • tools.

We need to remember that the conversion optimization is a continuous process.

What can we do for you?

We will help you to increase sales and optimize conversion.

We will assist you in both: creation or modification of your strategy aimed at better sales in Internet and in operational activities that affect online sales.

We conduct e-commerce audits of pages, applications and internet creations.

Audits include, but are not limited to:

  • data audit with regard to the most important groups of recipients,
  • benchmarking – i.e. comparison with pages of competitors and leaders in a given area,
  • making hypothesis, formulating conclusions and recommendation of changes. Control of implementation and recap of results,
  • A/B tests, quantitative, qualitative and heatmap research.

We use our know-how when working on every element of service and campaign.

We will constantly participate in creating banners, content, mailing lists, internet sites and we will take care of optimization thereof.


We prepare reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, along with recommendations and comments. You can see them online. Thanks to alert system you will miss nothing, and nothing will surprise you.


We recap results of changes made to www sites and applications.


We audit correctness of implementation of analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Tealium.

We implement advanced monitoring of pages and applications.

Implementation of developed monitoring system allows us to obtain more precise knowledge of behavior users present while visiting the page. We use data to monitor conversion path, identify the most important segments and we verify engagement of users on the page. Then we recommend changes.

We work as consultants.

We offer wide range of consulting services to companies that want to increase both online and offline sales. We adjust scope of advice to the needs of a client and its key partners with regard to internet marketing actions. We use the knowledge of K2 Internet experts from several dozens of sales affecting areas.

What tools do we use to carry out analytics and to optimize conversion?

  • Comprehensive analytics of www sites and applications: Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics (Omniture), Piwik, Woopra,
  • A/B tests: Google Experiments, Marketizator, Optimizely,
  • Heatmaps and session recording: Crazy Egg, Hot Jar,
  • Ad server tools: DoubleClick, Sizmek,
  • Competition analysis: Similarweb.