K2 Product Design Sprint.

We hold workshops to help clients create initial concept of a product in barely a few days.
K2 Product Design Sprint.

Design Sprint is a 5-day (or shorter) process of business problems solving developed by Google Ventures. It was created to help start-ups build better products. We adapted this method to the requirements of big organizations that K2 usually cooperates with.

Design Sprint has the workshop formula and composes of 3 stages:

  • Analysis. Understanding of the problem, mapping of goals and threats.
  • Ideation. Drawing up solutions. Review of solutions and selection of one solution to create the prototype.
  • Validation. Prototyping and tests.

The third stage is sometimes skipped as Design Sprint is not as much about designing as about effective decision making. It helps to achieve consensus between stakeholders and cooperation in elaborating vision.

Designing Sprint according to Google
Designing Sprint according to Google

Design Sprint can be used to:

  • prepare vision of new technological products,
  • define features of a website or application,
  • design processes for business/customer service,
  • but also, to solve more open business problems and elaborate strategy for new undertakings.

How the workshop looks like?

It is advised that a dozen or so of the clients’ employees should participate in the workshop (the project’s stakeholders). It is possible to invite additional experts to participate in the first day of workshop, who will not however take part in further works. One person from the client’s side is the decision maker.

The full Design Sprint lasts 5 days, but it can be cut down to 3 or even 1 day. K2 provides space to hold the workshop, the moderator and the Product Designer who is responsible for prototyping, as well as access to over 300 experts of digital marketing, technology and design from K2 Group.

Benefits for the client.

  • Vision, detailed assumptions, prototype of the solution: project brief and action plan,
  • Decision making process cut down to couple of days,
  • Fresh perspective of designers and experts from outside the organization,
  • It is not to be forgotten that Sprint helps to build trust and the sense of common goal in the project's team.

Once the Sprint is over we can prepare more refined prototype of the solution, which is not yet “production-ready” design, but still more than a project that could be prepared during the short Sprint period.

The ideal place.

K2 Product Design Laboratory is the best place to hold Sprint. It is located in detached house in Mokotow District in Warsaw, at Pilicika 8 street. This place offers a quiet solace for the team to work far from everyday problems. If need be, we have a professional focus room with two-way mirror to our disposal.

K2 Product Design lab
Laboratorium K2 Product Design

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