Marketing Automation.

Do you want to start Marketing Automation? Or maybe you already run it? We can help you to achieve better results.

Why Marketing Automation is worth implementing?

Lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is a process of user education in the field of products and services offered by a company. The key feature of lead nurturing is development of customer relations. It is done by provision of information a client requires on a given stage of Customer Journey.

Saving of time and resources.

The communication is to be automatic, based on rules and scenarios. Dynamic creations will save time and money you spent when carrying out many creative lines and formats.

Developed segmentation.

We will help you specify user segments. We will choose them following users’ behavior and their reaction to communication. Marketing automation enables to handle almost unlimited number of segments at the same time.

Personalized communication with a client.

Opportunity to provide direct contact, adapted to user’s needs.

All channels communication.

Handling of developed, multi-level and multi-channel contact scenarios with your client. To do so, we use, among others:

  • WWW sites,
  • apps,
  • e-mail,
  • SMS,
  • Facebook Messenger.

Coherence and possibility to create sequences.

The user will see coherent communication throughout all channels. We will help you to adjust it to different levels in the purchasing process of the user.

Easy accessible data.

WUse of data will enable results’ assessment and activities’ optimization on account of specific KPIs. Data can also be useful to optimize chargeable campaigns.

How can we aid you in Marketing Automation?

Selection and implementation of automation tools.

We will help you to define business, functional and technological requirements. We will specify main target groups and initial scenarios for reaching these groups. Moreover, we will determine outlays for Marketing Automation that will pay back. We will walk you through selection and implementation of tools and help you achieve the best outcome. You will see the key threats and be advised on how to avoid them.

Creation of Marketing Automation scenarios and optimization thereof.

We will design, reason and implement scenarios of Marketing Automation addressed for your clients. Then, we will help you assess outcome and draw conclusions. Together we will work to optimize of existing scenarios and to create new ones.

Marketing Automation creations.

We will furnish ideas regarding dynamic creations, such as:

  • banners,
  • text advertisements,
  • mailings,
  • SMS.

We will design graphics, software to use them and roll out Marketing Automation campaign.

A/B Tests.

We will indicate areas of major influence on performing your goals. We will suggest changes and apply A/B tests to measure results of such changes precisely.

Reporting and analytics.

We prepare automatic reports, so you would be able to assess efficiency of actions on ongoing basis.

Combination of Marketing Automation and activities in payable media.

We use Marketing Automation in combination with media campaigns.