Social Storytelling.

K2 specializes in storytelling — we unveil short, simple as well as longer and more complex stories. And we believe that stories not single posts work best in social media — as long as they are told and presented in a right way.
Social Storytelling K2

The brand-driven story.

We have developed creative ads. So, we always strive to know and understand the brand before we proceed to the story. The story must be brand-driven, connected therewith, but at the same time it has to include the recipients. The great example of the approach is our project created for PGE. It was built on the fundament of real events and showed real brand-related emotions of the 6-year old boy.

Relationship between people.

The social media is the place where people contact each other. Brands are somehow intruders. That is why we believe they should offer some value to the recipients and enrich human relations. We mange brands profiles in a non-standard and interesting way, frequently giving the people a subject to talk about. For instance, the primary goal of “The Sad Bus” campaign was to initiate the social discussion by providing the content, which could be interpreted in many ways.

Brand-dedicated team instead of social media team.

When we work for the brand, we appoint a team of advertisement experts who understand the brand and know how to wrap it in a story. The team includes the social media experts. But the most important is for its members to know how to tell stories and grasp occasions when this is least expected by the recipients. Exactly in this way we have created campaign for Żubrowka, with an active participation of employees from creation and strategy department but also of Tomasz Bagiński, Kayah and the Facebook creative team. As a result, we managed to end up with the solution tailored of recipients and for the targeted platform.

Content is king, distribution is queen.

When we plan our actions, we do consider not only the final product but also the way it can be promoted in the appropriate target group. We create campaign plans and bring them to life, always being responsible for the outcome. We select media according to pre-agreed criteria and the content is created to fit the target group and to take advantage of all possibilities offered by the distribution platform to the maximum possible extent. We try to deliver materials to be “carried” through the Internet by users themselves and we facilitate it for them as much as possible. The example of such approach is Metafen campaign, where we used You Tube and Tumblr as the promotion and distribution tool, dividing the campaign into three stages.

Use of creative capacity of the platform to achieve specified goal.

Our actions are based on creative solutions because we believe that the modern recipient has seen a lot now and is likely to focus on something fresh and unexpected rather than on something old and beaten by different brands. We do not however create solutions considering only their innovative potential translated further into awards. We always want to ensure that each new application of social media will result from goals described in the brief and from the way platforms are used by Users. The great example is the campaign for ITAKA Foundation, where we referred to then popular Snapchat functionality, supporting search of missing persons.

Social media is not only digital but all other content.

We love to join worlds, all the more if it is offline and digital world. We know that something seemingly not digital at all can be good and carrying content in social media. Because we have great knowledge of our target groups (their habits and what they like to share) things we create in the physical sphere is often taken by them to social media and distributed naturally. Again, the example: Fox campaign promoting the news season of The Walking Dead or Żywiec Zdroj campaign with an artificial sun built on one of the high-rises in Warsaw.

Quality control and detail awareness.

We treat social media the same way as we treat other media. Therefore, both content and actions we implement are verified by creation managers and strategists on account of compliance with the brand and on account of quality. We try to squeeze as much as possible of all our creations and therefore we often modify our activities on the go. We optimize campaigns and invent additional actions to enforce the message and make the campaign more effective.

If you want us to story-tell for your brand, feel free to let me know.