Transforming business.

We drive digital transformation.

We deliver results not slides.

We focus on the things most important for management boards – we increase income or decrease costs using the latest technologies and startups.

Our biggest advantage is how quickly we move from theoretical consulting to validating our recommendations in practice.

We call it “no bullshit consulting”.

  Scouting. Startup. MarTech. Transformation.   Scouting. Startup. MarTech. Transformation.

What we do?

Innovation Scouting

We will find relevant startups and verify their value for your corporation. You will not be left with Power Point. We will carry out “roll-out cooperation”. Thus, we can protect you against the most frequent mistakes corporations make when cooperating with startups.

Startup Building

We know how to start, assess and scale innovative business within large corporations. We have all competencies to organize financing, prepare startup business model, prepare prototype of product and service (MVP), design startup management process as well as market it and open distribution channels.

Find out, how we help corporations to build startups.

Corporate Accelerators

We help to acquire what most of corporation accelerator miss – i.e. flow of interesting projects. We know how to prepare selection criteria for startups. We know how to organize mentoring process. We know, what value to offer so to attract only the best entrepreneurs to cooperate with the concern.

Find out what most of accelerators miss.

AI-powered Customer Service (ChatBots)

The role of conversational interfaces in customer service is widely discussed but there is scarcity of practice-related experience. We have it. We are behind the most advanced implementation of chatbot in Poland. We can do that for you, intelligently.

Find out about the most advanced implementation of chatbot in Poland.

Marketing Technology Transformation

We will help you to assess what are your true requirements – before you will roll out a big project of marketing transformation and spend huge amount of money.

Find out how to avoid being lost in the promises of marketing technology providers.


Artur Kończyński

Artur Kończyński

COO, K2Bots.AI
He got familiar with C-suite problems managing one of the biggest digital agencies in Poland. He created digital products and services for small startups and great corporations. He skips talking technology until he gets a grip on business.
Mikołaj Machowczyk

Mikołaj Machowczyk

CTO, K2Bots.AI
He co-created innovations in finance, entertainment and retail. Not only in Poland. Some of these never saw the light of a day. He knows why.
Arek Skuza

Arek Skuza

Partner, K2 Digital Transformation
He has been building startups throughout his whole life. He experienced first-hand all pros and cons of innovation. Today, he convinces big companies to team up with startups when designing new products and modern business models.
Łukasz Lewandowski

Łukasz Lewandowski

CEO, K2Bots.AI
He has been helping big companies to tame modern technologies for 15 years already. He succeeded many times, but failures were the most illuminative.