Key employees



    She has been in a relationship with the interactive industry from the beginning of her professional carrier. Total 8 years in K2, last 4 as the Account Director, responsible for the Agency cooperation with the key customers such as IKEA and Grupa Żywiec. She and her team successfully reach every goal set before them. 
    As a Co-managing Director she manages the Agency’s customer service department and is responsible for the whole cooperation with the key customers, supporting relations development both with new and existing business partners. She strives for providing services of the best quality accompanied by the most comfortable way of cooperation.
    She likes working with people and believes the success is always backed up by the well working team. She prefers carrot over the stick.
    She loves animals and has quite a bunch of them.


    Co-managing Director - Technology and Usability

    (born in 1983)
    Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw School of Economics.

    He works for K2 since 2009. First, he was a leader of a large technological projects for IT Department Services. Since 2011 he worked as the Account Director, managing the team of project managers, analytics and IT production for customers such as ORLEN, Energa, Microsoft, Trigon, Audioteka. As of the half of 2012 he was responsible for business development in the area of portal and integration-related projects, creating system analytics and data analytics team and for cooperation with technological partners.

    14 years ago he engaged himself in creation of commercial internet portals based on his own CMS version. Following his graduation from ICT on the Warsaw University of Technology he developed and prototyped services for R&D department of the Polish Telecommunication Company. He was commissioned by the France Telecom to create visions of interactive purchase experience and intelligent house back in the times when internet of things was still called an ubiquitous computing. He managed a multimillion portfolio of international research program as the Program Manager. 

    He is experienced in using both Agile and PMI methodologies for the purpose of projects and is enthusiastic about Lean approach in design and analysis. He promotes organization digital maturity and continuous optimization based on effect.

    As the Co-managing Director of the Agency he is responsible for combining utility design with the creative technology and the best production quality. He coordinates departments of IT, User Experience, Technological Strategy and IT outsourcing.

  • Artur Piątek

    Operational Director

    (born in 1976)
    A graduate of the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw.

    He has been working in K2 Internet since 2001.
    As an Account Director he successfully performed the key customer service for K2's client - NOKIA, leading to the triple growth in the turnover  during 2002-2006 and other projects for internal and external clients, including the implementation of corporate systems of mobile mail and managing mobile fleet.
    Since 2010 he has been responsible for the operations of the general department of the K2 Group.

  • Mariusz Tomczak

    Financial Director

    (born in 1972)
    A graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics. A visiting fellow of scientific projects and trainings in France.

    In K2 since 2011. A certified auditor holding a long experience in auditing, counselling and auditing financial statements of Polish branches of international concerns, and also in work on managerial positions in accounting departments of such entities.
    He gained his professional experience e.g. in such companies as Mazars, Moor Stephens, Castorama and Veolia group.

  • Izabella Mikołajczyk

    Personal Director

    (born in 1976)
    A graduate of the University of Warsaw. A Cultural Anthropologist and Ethnographer and also a graduate of the Post-Graduate Studies within Human Resources Management on the Kozminsky University. She is also a certified book-seller.

    She has been working in K2 Internet since 2001.
    She was an office manager and production director, ordering the processes in a dynamically growing company. For 7 years on the position of the Personal Director, she is responsible for all the processes connected with the triplication of the employment during 2009-2011.
    She completed numerous courses and trainings dealing with the notions of: leadership, management, recruitment and selection, acting in crisis situations or coaching support.

  • Tomasz Burczyński

    President of the Board of Fabrity K2 SP. Z O.O.

    (born in 1979)
    A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics where he graduated from the Faculty of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems.

    With K2 connected from 2003. At present, he is the President of the Board of Fabrity K2 (K2 Internet S.A.'s subsidiary).
    He has experience in working as a business analyst, consultant and project manager. For several years he worked as an Account Director, developing the cooperation with several key clients of the K2 Group. He is engaged in numerous IT projects realised for large Polish and international companies. A passionate of IT and new technologies.

  • Katarzyna Wiśniewska

    K2 Media Managing Director

    She has been working for K2 for nine years now and she has her place amongst members of the strict management of the company. During that time, as the development director for the K2 Group, she was the head of a new business department, was responsible for sale plans of the agency and had significant share in acquiring such blue chips as Grupa PZU, PKO BP, PKO SA, Heineken, L’Oreal or Orlen. As of 2014 she holds the position of the joint management director of K2 Media and is responsible for organization of the agency, sale and development of relations with long-standing customers. She graduated from the Management Faculty of the University of Warsaw.

  • Maciej Kuźniar

    President of the Board of Oktawave Sp. z o.o., Managing Director of K2 Hosting

    (born in 1976)
    A graduate of the IT faculty in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Rzeszow University of Technology majoring in Systems and computer networks.

    In K2 Internet S.A. since 2003. From the very beginning he was responsible for the development and keeping of the IT infrastructure for the needs of the Agency's clients. From 2007 he established from scratch and was responsible for the operational and business success of the department dealing with the hosting of advanced IT systems for the key clients of K2, e.g. Nokia, Coca-Cola,, Alliaz, Aviva and also external clients, e.g.  TUI, T-Mobile,, SkyCash.  An author of the concepts technologically supporting the development of start-ups and architectonic solutions guaranteeing a high availability and rigorous service agreements for IT distributors. A passionate of technologies connected with the processing and storing data.
    A concept giver and a key architect of a commercial cloud computing of "Oktawave". Presently also the President of the Board of Oktawave Sp. z o.o.