Management Board

  • tomasz tomczyk

    President of the management board

    He supports and supervises operations of all Group’s businesses actively. He points directions of development thereof, contributing to creation of cohesive strategy. He plays a key role in the Company’s management, creating relations with new clients and coordinating relations with existing ones. He manages the customer service team in the agency section. Moreover, he is an author of ideas and he takes an active part in creation and development of the most important internal systems that support the Company’s functioning.

    With K2 Internet connected from December 2002. He presently manages the interactive agency functioning within the K2 Group, co-creating the development strategy of the whole group. He is responsible for the development of core relations with customers.

    He is a graduate of the Faculty of Management on the University of Łódź. During 1999-2000 he ran his own interactive agency. Earlier, as befits an entrepreneur by birth, he managed to successfully realise and sell a profitable on-line undertaking.

    In 2000 he became the Managing Director responsible for the development and growth of the Polish division of Concept!, a German interactive agency. Withdrawal of the German investor from Poland quickened the decision on changing to K2 with all the team in 2002. Tomasz Tomczyk thus became a shareholder of the company and a member of the 3-person management board of the company (with Michał Lach and Janusz Żebrowski) being responsible for the customer service department. From November 2003 he was a member of the Company's Management Board, and from August 2006 a Vice-President of the Board. He played a key role in the growth of the company supporting the development of relations of the company with the existing customers and shaping the policy of employing the customer service team. Additionally, he is the author of the concept and takes an active part in the development and growth of the key internal systems supporting functioning of the Company.

    Tomasz Tomczyk was born in 1978. He spends his spare time actively, far from the hustle and bustle of cities. He likes diving and water sports. He travelled along the United States of America and he is still able to find some undiscovered areas there.

  • Rafał Ciszewski

    Vice-President of the Board

    The President of K2 Media and K2 Search since January 2013. He is responsible for development of media competencies, integrated offer and searching for company’s wells of growth and expansion paths. He watches over its image and relations with the advertising and media industry as well as with environment of marketers and advertisers.

    A graduate of the Faculty of Applied Linguistics on the University of Warsaw. In the media and advertising sector from 1994. Initially, he was connected with the IP (Information et Publicité) international media sale house. His experience he gained e.g. in the media department of Young and Rubicam agency, later on transformed into Mediaedge:CIA, presently MEC.

    Since 2001 he has been connected with the media house. Initially, as a development director, later on a member of the board and vice-president, he managed the department of acquiring new customers and managed the company's image, marketing and development of new areas of agency operations. He was responsible e.g. for introducing NEXT, an interactive agency, into the market. He had a significant impact on locating Starcom among the most titled agencies in Poland, both within the innovativeness and effectiveness, contributing to the widening of the customer portfolio of the agency. At the beginning of 2011 he was nominated by the board of management of Starcom Media Invest group into Global Product Committee (GPC), an internal team of 24 senior SMV managers from all over the world the objective of which was the product development and promotion of highest standards of work of all the companies within the concern.

    Since 2010 he has been a member of SAR Marketing Communication Association (Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej). He is a champion of good business practices and supports environmental initiatives for the society and the country. For several years he has been engaged in the Media Trends Organizing Committee. A juror in Effie, Media Tredns and One Awards competitions.

    Rafał Ciszewski was born in 1967. He has three sons, loves his family and believes in the strength of empathy, also in business. Music is his passion. He is interested in its social and psychological impact on life. He holds a vast knowledge on subcultures and music trends. From the very youth he has been connected with the independent Warsaw musical scene, he is a champion of the DIY initiative, the passion he unchains playing music with his friends.

  • Łukasz Lewandowski

    Vice-President of the Board

    With K2 Internet S.A. connected from June 2003. The Vice-president of K2 since December 2012.

    Presently he co-manages the interactive agency and supports the growth of business and innovations in the whole K2 group. He is responsible for all the production departments of the agency - creation, strategy, IT, mobile, social, user experience and motion. A graduate of the Faculty of Management and Marketing of the Warsaw School of Economics. During 2001-2003 he was responsible for marketing of the NetSprint search engine, which was to threaten the hegemony of Google in the world. Google is alive and well today, but also NetSprint found its place on the European market.

    In K2 he has come through all the departments and career ladders. As an Account Manager he ran strategic projects for Nokia Poland. He e.g. lead the following projects: Modna Nokia (Posh Nokia) (a series of subpages awarded for the creation in Poland and abroad) and (a unique platform of mobile blogs). Then he held the position of the Creative Director, when he ran one of the most frequently awarded projects in the short history of the Polish emarketing - Druga Strona K2 . At another stage he held the position of the Development Director, dealing with searching for new sources of revenues in the group. In K2 new services appeared then - film production, performance marketing and search which till today have a significant share in the revenues. Juror in competitions - Media Trends, IAB Mixx, Złote Orły, Webstarfestival, Efekton and Effie.

    He was born in 1979. He adores his two sons and everything which floats when the wind blows, i.e. high performance catamarans, windsurfing and wooden yachts. He sailed through the Atlantic, the Caribbean and around Cuba.