K2 promotes MTVNHD.

K2 has created a global image campaign for the international music channel MTVNHD, based on a video minisite with the use of the 3D tracking mechanism.

MTVNHD is a station with which viewers can see top star concerts and view their favourite music videos in high definition. A campaign under the slogan “MTVNHD Experience the Music” emphasizes a completely new quality of experience, introducing the audience to the MTV’s world of music in a unique and visually attractive way. Through the site, each user can find this out personally by adding their own photo using Facebook Connect, a web camera or by uploading it directly from a disc, and become the main character of one five films. The films render the climate of five music genres: hip-hop, indie rock, pop, club, metal.

To obtain the effect of close MTVNHD music experience, we combined video and spatial tracking techniques with Flash 3D capabilities. Thanks to this, instead of the main character’s face we could embed a 3D model in video clips, onto which we can map textures from users’ photos. The technology had been known and used before, but never on this scale and never so refined in detail. Unlike other services, the user can see themselves or any other person from a photo in all five films of one minute each. We have made it our objective to refine details in superimposing faces, rendering shadows, facial expressions, etc. to make the effect as realistic as possible. There is no montage, quick camera movements or other tricks intended to conceal any error or mismatch. We believe we have achieved this objective, but leave it to Internet users to judge. – comments Marek Cichy, K2 Motion Team Leader.

K2 and MTV Networks Polska have been partnering since September 2010. Earlier, the agency produced a video (rich-media) campaign for MTV Polska under the slogan “Złanocka”, promoting a Sunday night TV series block on MTV.