Do You know Polska?

Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, K2 created a website promoting Poland and its culture in the world. The website ( inventively presents Poland as a modern and interesting country worth visiting.

It is a visual and interactive dictionary of contemporary words and phrases used by the Polish young generation. Each entry contains a definition, audio, and amateur photos sent in by internet users. There is also an opportunity to check one’s knowledge in a form of language quizzes whose amusing results can be then shared with others through social networking. The project is meant to be open by design – anyone wanting to help foreign visitors learn about Poland is encouraged to add phrases and pictures, and thus actively promote Poland.

It’s a practical idea, based on true-life observations. Being able to communicate with the locals is always useful, and the Polish language is particularly difficult to grasp. Do you need to master the whole grammar? Well, sometimes it’s enough to use one word in the right place at the right time to win favour with a taxi driver, a bartender, or a girl you’ve just met at a dorm party. - says Wojtek Łebski, K2 Senior Creative & Copywriter. - We want Do You Know Polska? to be light and breezy, showing our country in an amusing way through colloquial language and photos that describe contemporary Poland in an informal way. We wanted to combine business with pleasure. The content is funny, surprising, and non-stereotypical. That’s the pleasure part. The business part refers to the modern image of Poland being a country bubbling with positive energy, and also the fact that the website offers foreign visitors something more, which goes beyond traditional „thank you” and „hello”.