K2 to promote “Pimp My Ride by Coca-Cola Zero” for MTV Polska.

K2 Internet has been commissioned by the Viacom International Media Networks group in Poland to prepare an out-of-home campaign along with on-line activities to promote the very first Polish edition of the cult MTV series “Pimp My Ride” – “Pimp My Ride by Coca-Cola Zero”. The activities are said to continue until November 20.

The main idea of „Pimp My Ride by Coca-Cola Zero” has been based on the most anticipated moment of every episode –  when the trunk finally gets popped to reveal its contents. Now every Internet user can experience the thrill of opening the trunk of a pimped-out car to find interactive entertainment inside (be it a game of table tennis, or a space rocket mission). The combination of fun and surprise helps to establish positive associations with the series. The following links show examples of creations:,,,

Another important aspect of the campaign has been to emphasize the fact of “Pimp My Ride by Coca-Cola Zero” being the very first Polish edition of the series. For this reason the pimped-out car with an open trunk used on banners inviting users to see the Polish edition has been painted white and red ¬–  the colors of the Polish national flag. The potential of 3D technology was used when creating billboards.

The very first Polish edition of the cult MTV series “Pimp My Ride by Coca-Cola Zero” can be watched on Sundays at 8 pm on MTV Polska.

K2 and Viacom International Media Networks in Poland have been cooperating since September 2010, resulting in advertising campaigns for MTV Polska channel series (“Złanocka w MTV” and „Dziewczyny dają radę”) and reality shows (“Polowanie na singla”), as well as one Viva Polska channel program (“Łowy Króla Disco”). A global image campaign has also been prepared –  for the international music channel MTV Live HD. The minisite that the campaign has been based on, has already received numerous awards.