Wiola Łada-Szewczenko and Marcin Siekierski – new co-managers of ACR.

Wiola Łada-Szewczenko and Marcin Siekierski will take up the management of the media agency ACR, as co-managing directors, starting from March 2012.

Wiola Łada-Szewczenko has been involved in the activities of ACR for 6 years. Recently, she worked as the Client Service & Media Planning Director, specializing simultaneously in customer service strategies and comprehensive consultancy on the presence of a marketer on the Internet. Also, she has been drawing on her educational background (advertising psychology) to create effective customer loyalty programmes and organizing advanced competitions for consumers. Before that, she developed her know-how working for SARE, in the Group, and elsewhere.

Marcin Siekierski has been involved in the activities of the K2 Group for 5 years. At first, he was responsible for SEM in ACR, then he worked on developing the activity of the agency K2 Search as Executive Director. He has eight years of experience in managing Internet projects. He graduated from Szkoła Główna Handlowa (Warsaw School of Economics), with a major in Marketing and Management. At present, he is also a lecturer at the same school, teaching postgraduate Internet Marketing.

Wiola Łada-Szewczenko and Marcin Siekierski take over from Jola Zaczek-Sakouhi following her resignation after 7 years of working for the agency as Chair of the Management Board.

“I am very satisfied with the work of Jola Zaczek-Sakouhi up to now, however, we decided to part due to differing visions regarding the future of ACR. In the near future, K2 also intends to repurchase the 20% share that Jola Zaczek-Sakouhi holds in the company. ACR will remain a self-reliant, independently managed entity. I believe that with the new managers, the company will increase its pace of development. Wiola Łada-Szewczenko and Marcin Siekierski have worked in the K2 Group for several years and they have proven their proficiency. In ACR, they will together fulfil the duties of Executive Directors. I believe that with the new people at the helm, ACR will work effectively with our remaining businesses, including in particular the agencies K2 and K2 Search, and I also believe that their work will have a significant impact on the competitive position of the entire K2 Group. ACR has been adequately profitable, however, when we look at the fast pace with which the market for online advertising is currently developing, we have greater ambitions regarding the size of our business, as well as the quality and the versatility of the services we offer.” – comments Janusz Żebrowski, Chair of the Management Board of K2 Internet S.A.

The main customers of the media agency ACR include PZU, IKEA, NUTRICIA, Legrand, IMP and Provident.