New image for K2.

For many years, the interactive agency K2 has been dealing not only with the Internet. It has been creating interactive campaigns in all channels. This will be emphasized by the new image and the new website:

“We feel that it is the job of the greatest interactive agency in Poland to educate the market and to make people aware that the interactive approach is spreading to all kinds of media. Mobile codes in the press, the Internet website applications on TV, Facebook competitions on the radio, TV formats on Youtube – it is through the possibilities of interacting with consumers, facilitated by the latest technologies, that the whole advertising market is becoming more and more advanced. We believe that it is interactive agencies that make the best partners for creating interesting campaigns, which permeate all forms of media.” – says Łukasz Lewandowski, Co-Managing Director of the K2 agency.

Not only the positioning, but also the graphic identification of the brand and the website will be given a new look. The new website constitutes a unique implementation from the point of view of exploitation of the possibilities offered by the latest web standards: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This means that the new website is also fully compatible for display on mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones.

The new graphic identification is the result of experimentation and fun. It can be seen at the link: