Beta tests of Oktawave public cloud computing service begin. K2 Internet S.A. wants to become the leader on this fast developing market.

Oktawave, a fully functional cloud computing system, will be launched in a few weeks time – after the public beta tests are finished. After two years of development and engineering works, Oktawave team is going to offer solutions awaited by many users: unique speed and productivity of information processing, security, data center located in Poland (presently in Warsaw) and competitive prices. According to K2 specialists, Oktawave will be the fastest service of this kind available on the global market.

Cloud computing services are more often used by both small and medium business, and large corporations. They help optimize the costs connected with IT services by popularizing the settlement model in which businesses pay only for the resources used in business processes.

”Oktawave was created in response to the unprecedented need of computation capacities and outsourcing of IT-related services in business. Amazon – one of the market leaders - recorded a 192% surge in demand for data center resources last year. Today it stores and processes over 762 billion objects. We are aware that it will not be an easy task, but we want to compete with them, among many others. For over 10 years we have provided hosting services and maintained applications of most demanding clients. We were the first company in Poland to seriously invest in virtualization solutions – and we used the above experience to create Oktawave” - comments Maciej Kuźniar, Oktawave Project Director.

The Polish server infrastructure outsourcing market has great perspectives - research conducted by Parallels in 2011 shows that only 5% of the SMB sector outsources IT services but 67% plans to do so within the next three years. According to experts, this will triple the market value, which in 2015 will achieve PLN 645 m. A large share of those will go to cloud computing suppliers.

”Within a few years, cloud computing infrastructure suppliers will become leaders on the market of IT outsourcing. They will drive traditional hosting companies out of business by offering tailored, cost-optimized solutions which will neutralize the limitations related to access to resources. This way, businesses will receive access to a platform that will ensure the continuity of business processes” adds Kuźniar.

Currently, Oktawave is undergoing public beta tests. It means that everyone has a chance to use its resources for free. It is enough to have a code which enables service registration or ask for one through a special form available on the following website:

”Oktawave project is one of the most important developments in the history of our company". We hope that in the future the revenues and profits from the cloud computing service will equal the results of our current business activities" - adds Janusz Żebrowski, President of the Board of K2 Internet S.A. .

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