K2 as a co-author of the transactional website for the School Savings Unions (Szkolne Kasy Oszczędności) for PKO Bank Polski.

As part of the permanent cooperation with PKO Bank Polski, K2 designed an e-banking website ( directed to children taking part in the program of School Savings Unions operated by the Bank.

K2, a co-author of the website concept, is responsible for information architecture, prototype testing with the participation of children, preparation of the website demo version, graphic design, animations and sound effects. The website has been implemented by Inteligo Financial Services.\

The School Savings Unions program aims at teaching children how to save and reasonably spend their money. The main goal was to prepare a children-friendly transactional website that would educate them at the same time.
After logging in, the website enables its users to check the account balance, manage savings, view the savings history, collect special badges and use many other useful tools. Children can change their profile settings, choose website layout and sound effects.

Designing this transactional website for children has been an intriguing challenge for us. We wanted to tell the children about such an “adult topic” as finances in a clear and, above all, attractive way. Therefore, we needed to forget for a moment about our rich experience in the field of transactional websites for adults and look at the world through the eyes of our young users. - comments Paulina Rzymska, Senior User Experience Architect K2 UX.

One of the important design stages consisted of the web usability tests run using individual in-depth interviews and situation tests conducted on the prototype.

Thanks to tests conducted on a graphic prototype with the participation of children, we were able to check whether our concept was attractive to young users and identify most of the errors and deficiencies of the designed website. - adds Paulina Makuch, User Experience Research Manager K2 UX.

The transactional part of the website is available only after logging in. The key functionalities are available in the demo version of the website, which is also dedicated to the youngest users.

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with K2 and the effects of our cooperation. We are also pleased that the website has been so well received by the children participating in the School Savings Unions program. - comments Łukasz Kuc, Head of Innovation in PKO Bank Polski.