“To naturalne [That’s natural]” – K2's campaign for Barlinek wood floors.

K2 agency prepared a strategy and creative concept for image campaign of the company Barlinek. The activities are carried out in press and Internet and supported by social and e-PR activities.

The campaign is a part of activities that reflect the process of changes which have been implemented at Barlinek for a year. The changes are aimed at strengthening the company’s leading position and making the Barlinek branded products stand out from the competition. First of all, the campaign will emphasize that the natural products are of the highest value.

K2 is in charge of the concept and preparation of six press ad layouts which will be published in selected interior design magazines in Poland, Germany, Romania and Ukraine.

The campaign under the slogan “To naturalne” [That’s natural] emphasizes the qualities of natural wood floors. It covers a series of photos looking as if taken from a family album. The leading motif is the floor where various real-life situations take place and they are used to present the qualities of natural wood. The strength of the concept lies in showing the floor in a house vibrant with life. The additional advantage are the photos made by one of the best photographers of the young generation, Łukasz Ziętek.

As part of the campaign, K2 will also be responsible for “Drewno Forever” thematic fanpage which will be launched by mid-June. The communication will focus on the interior design theme and on the use of the wood for interior decorating.

The campaign will be supplemented with e-PR activities including sponsored articles and media relations,

The activities were started mid-May and will continue till the end of the year.

K2 has been cooperating with Barlinek since the beginning of this year. These are the first activities organized by the agency for that client.