2008 financial results best in the K2 Group’s history.

K2 Group has recorded the best financial results in its history and continued the 8-year period, within which each year both the revenue and profits have increased. The revenue from sales of K2 Group exceeded in 2008 the amount of PLN 40 mln, which was nearly a 60-percent increase. The pace of growth of the net income was slightly faster: the final end-year amount reached PLN 2.7 mln.

The Company fully benefited from the rapid development of the Internet advertisement market (growth by 58%) by increasing its market share. The Company views itself as the largest interactive agency in Poland with a market share reaching 18%. The funds achieved thanks to IPO have been invested in increasing the performance potential and new undertakings. The list of the crucial investments shaping the future market position of the Company includes its own affiliate advertising system, known as system3, an internal innovation incubator Top of Mind, integrated with K2 Motion video studio, SEM/SEO agency (operating within ACR structures) as well as a developed data centre.

“We are more than happy with the performance we achieved last year. We pleased with the balanced growth of all our business units as well as with the accumulation of knowledge and expertise, which translates into concrete financial effects. We are relatively optimistic about the current year perspectives. The expected slump in the economy may have of course a negative impact on our activity. Nonetheless, the initial results of talks with our clients show that the Internet, as an advertising communications medium, may be relatively the least affected in the situation of curbing the marketing budgets. Last year was the time when we accelerated our investment thanks to the acquisition of funds through the public offering and the quick employment growth. The shift in the economic conditions obliges us to adopt a more conservative investment attitude this year. Similarly, we are planning stabilisation of employment. The liquid assets at our disposal (cash to current liabilities ratio reaches nearly PLN 8 mln) give us comfort in calmly reacting to the changes on the market”, comments Janusz Żebrowski, Chairman of the Board of K2 Internet S.A..