Changes in the Management Board of K2 Internet S.A.

Rafał Ciszewski and Łukasz Lewandowski will soon join the management of K2 Internet S.A., as Vice Presidents of the Management Board, thus constituting a four-person Management Board of the Company, beside Janusz Żebrowski (President of the Management Board) and Tomasz Tomczyk (Vice President of the Management Board).

Rafał Ciszewski will join K2 as of 1 January 2013, taking up the position of the Vice President of the Management Board. He will be responsible for searching for the sources of growth and the directions of the Company’s development, with the emphasis on building media competences and preparing an integrated offer. He will also be responsible for the Company’s image and relations with the media and advertising industry as well as with marketers and advertisers.

Rafał Ciszewski has been active in the media and advertising industry since 1994. In the beginning he cooperated with the international media house IP (Information et Publicité). He gained his professional experience, among others, in the media department of Young and Rubicam, later transformed into Mediaedge: CIA, at present MEC, where he followed all the career steps, from a planner to the new business director . In January 2001 he joined Starcom, media house owned by one of the greatest international networks of media houses: Starcom MediaVest Group. At first, as the Director for Development, and later, as a Member of the Management Board and a Vice President, he headed a department responsible for acquiring new customers, simultaneously managing the Company’s image, marketing and the development of the new areas of the Agency’s activity. He was also one of the persons supervising the launching of the interactive agency NEXT. He greatly contributed to Starcom becoming one of the most rewarded agencies in Poland, both in terms of innovation and efficiency. His actions also helped increase the Agency’s customer portfolio. At the end of 2011 the global Management Board of the Starcom MediaVest Group appointed Rafał Ciszewski a member of the Global Product Committee (GPC), that is, the internal team of 24 SMV top rank executives from the all over the world, whose objective was to develop the products and to promote the highest work standards in all the companies of the concern.

Since 2010 Rafał Ciszewski has been a member of the Management Board of the Association of Marketing Communication SAR. For a few years he has also been involved in the activity of the Organizing Committee of the Competition and Conference “Media Trendy” (Media Trends). Besides, he is a juror at industry competitions, such as: Effie, Media Trendy and One Awards.

Łukasz Lewandowski is being promoted from the position of the director co-managing the agency to the Vice President of the Management Board. He has been professionally involved in K2 since June 2003. He has been responsible for co-managing the interactive agency together with Tomasz Tomczyk and for developing innovations within the entire K2 Group. He is in charge of all the production units of the agency – creation, strategy, IT, mobile, social, user experience and motion. His main objective is to ensure the highest quality of the services offered by K2 to its customers.

Łukasz Lewandowski has passed through all the departments and all the career steps in K2. As an account manager he conducted strategic projects for Nokia Poland. Then, he worked as a creative director and at that time he conducted one of the most often rewarded projects in the short history of the Polish e-marketing – ”Druga Strona K2“ (The other Side of K2). Subsequently he worked as the Director for Development, searching for new sources of revenues in the Group. At that time K2 introduced new services – film production, performance marketing and search, which still today continue to constitute important sources of revenues.

Łukasz Lewandowski is a juror of many industry competitions, among others: Media Trendy, IAB Mixx, Złote Orły, Webstarfestival, Efekton and Effie.

“I am convinced that both Łukasz Lewandowski and Rafał Ciszewski will prove to be of great support to the Management Board of the K2 Group. K2 has succeeded to build its very good reputation in the area of communication based on new media. Now, as the new technologies are surrounding us more tightly than ever before, our ambitions are greater. We would like to be a partner who helps accomplish the most ambitious undertakings in the field of marketing and advertising. By that we mean a partner more trustworthy than media houses or advertising agencies. I believe that thanks to Łukasz, Rafał and Tomasz it will be possible to make that vision come true.” – commented Janusz Żebrowski, the President of the Management Board of K2 Internet S.A.

For 15 years the K2 Group has been creating campaigns in all the media channels. The Company implements projects where mobile, internet or social media solutions are not extras, but the heart of marketing activities. This year K2 was awarded with the title “Agency of the Year” by the Polish Association of the Employees in the Internet Industry (IAB).

The K2 Group consists of units specialized in all the areas of modern marketing. It comprises: K2 Internet, K2 Web Systems, K2 User Experience, K2 Motion, K2 Hosting, K2 Search, Ambasada Trendów, ACR, Good and Oktawave.
Following brands are among K2 Group's key clients : Coca-Cola, PZU Group, Heineken, IKEA, LG, L'Oréal, Pekao SA, PKO BP, PKP, Play, Polfarma, Sanitek Koło, Sanofi-Aventis, Microsoft.

On 12 December 2012 a meeting was held with the representatives of the media. Janusz Żebrowski informed the participants about the changes in the Management of the Company. Łukasz Lewandowski who until recently had been the co-manager of the K2, joined the Management Board as Vice President– , . Rafał Ciszewski also became a new member of K2 Management Board as Vice President. Mr Ciszewski until now had worked at Starcom Media House, where for the previous several years he had been a member of the Management Board and then a Vice President.