KTR’s Gold, Silver and 2 Bronzes for K2 and K2 Media

The Metafen campaign „Można inaczej walczyć z bólem” [„The pain can be fought differently”] has been awarded the GOLDEN SWORD in the SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISEMENT category, the SILVER SWORD in the CAMPAIGN category and 2 BRONZE SWORDS in the FILM category for “the Gymnastic” and “the Firefighter” spots.

The activities were carried out around the “Take a different approach” slogan [in Polish: “Można inaczej”] and on the Tumblr platform:

 The pain can be fought differently – Metafen is the first pain killer on the Polish market that combines two leading painkilling substances: ibuprofen and acetaminophen. There is an option to advertise this type of products in a different manner. Our concept is aimed at a young target group and changes the way pharmaceuticals have been advertised so far. We have abandoned the idea of “pretended pain” in the ad. Metafen’s campaign conveys a direct message that the medicine should be used only when the real pain appears and, unlike our competitors’ popular works, it does not create a false impression that pills change the life.