The Metafen campaign nominated in Media Trendy

Nominated activities for Metafen were carried out around the “Take a different approach” slogan [in Polish: “Można inaczej”] and on the Tumblr platform: This is one of the biggest video-campaign carried out for the pharmaceutical industry in Poland. K2 is responsible for the strategic-and-creation concept and execution while K2 Media is charged with strategy, planning and media purchase

The pain can be fought differently – Metafen is the first pain killer on the Polish market that combines two leading painkilling substances: ibuprofen and acetaminophen. There is an option to advertise this type of products in a different manner. Our concept is aimed at a young target group and changes the way pharmaceuticals have been advertised so far. The product’s category is mature but schematic, therefore we have decided to put all our eggs in one basket: we break routine because Metafen is a breakthrough product. We have changed the approach to media (online launch and then TV campaign) and to creation. There are two sides to the story: it is easy to stand out in this boring category but no one has ever done it in a way that increased sale.

Media Trendy is a competition to award the most interesting and the most innovative media plans and creative ways to use media for campaign purposes.

The competition is aimed at recognizing campaign creators, whose campaigns addressed the marketing challenges in an unconventional and innovative manner, setting new trends and new ways to approach media.