K2 and K2 Media prepared a new part of a video campaign for Metafen.

K2 Group has prepared a continuation of a campaign for the drug Metafen, from the portfolio of Polpharma company. A platform was prepared consisting of a TV spot, six interactive internet spots, a website and carriers as a part of display campaign. The campaign launched mid-June and will last until the end of August.

K2 Agency is responsible for the creative concept and spot production supervision, which was realized in cooperation with the production house Propeller. The TV spot can be viewed at: It shows a young girl whose job is hindered by the personification of pain which is the characteristic, irritating figure known from a previous Metafen campaign. Its activity is prevented by the main characters of the spot – figures personifying Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, the main ingredients of the drug, which through cooperation efficiently get rid of the pain. Additionally, interactive spots were published on YouTube and VOD sites where the main antagonist of the campaign – the Pain – is disturbing the audience by doing things commonly perceived as irritating, e.g. the screech of chalk on blackboard, or an alarm siren. Having seen the content, Internet users are redirected to the campaign’s website:, where they can individually lead the main heroes – Paracetamol and Ibuprofen – in their fight with the mean pain. It presents how the drug works through a simple interaction.
K2 Media agency has planned its media activity in a way that makes the most effective use of the core of its creative concept. The agency used demographic and contextual targeting based on digital TV and online video. The campaign is conducted on the following channels: VOD Players (preroll/midroll), display, Social Ads, and Google media activities including: search, GDN, YouTube. Remarketing on a “spot seen” level was used in a unique way – by using a code hidden in the video material, which collects the cookies of people who played the spot, thanks to which they can be later shown subsequent campaign materials. This way the successive sequences of interactive spots build a history of getting rid of pain with the help of Metafen. In addition, a rare video-in-banner format was used in the GDN network.
The cooperation between K2 Group and Polpharma has been ongoing for several years now. It is K2 Group’s second realization for the Metafen brand. In 2013 an innovative video campaign was launched, as a part of “It can be done differently“ platform, which was positively received by the advertising business and was awarded several KTR medals, gold among them.