2 more Kreatura statues for K2!

K2 has been presented again with Kreatura awards – this year we received 2 statues for the projects realised for Volvo and Play brands.
The first award in the “Internet/Multimedia” category was won for the website, in the “Automotive” subcategory. The second statue – within subcategory “Services” – honoured the image promotion campaign for Play brand

The awards were handed during a gala which took place on April 3, 2009 in Fabryka Trzciny Art Centre in Warsaw. dedicated to the latest model of Volvo – XC60 – was carried out in a way to surprise the audience and draw them into a fictitious story showing tongue-in-cheek making-of the original safety systems used in XC60 model. In order to pay the consumers’ attention to what absolutely distinguishes the new model from other cars, i.e. its original safety systems, each of them was pictured through a fictitious story which could happen during its designing. Thus, the role of website hosts is played by 6 characters, fictitious Volvo engineers, each having been assigned an ambitious task to build the car safety systems. Using various means of expression, such as video, stop motion animation, drawing animation or 3D, the passions and vibrant personality of each engineer were presented along with their individual extraordinary stories, which inspired them to build the cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, each of them got a profile on the community linking portals like

Moreover, the image promotion campaign for Play brand – – originated from the last year activities related to Easter time, when we faced the task to prepare an Easter card for the mobile operator. Play is known on the Polish market for its modern, unconventional approach to advertising both traditional and internet-based. It is a brand which eagerly brings into play new solutions and technologies, which is not afraid to experiment or even shock in the advertising communications. We aimed to come up with a creation which would stand out from the commonly available forms of sending wished via the Web so that the young people - the key target group of the Client - and the Internet users wanted to send such e-wishes to their friends on Easter. It appeared to be quite a challenging job, as in Poland the approach to religious holidays is very schematic and the Poles themselves are used to very traditional advertising communications used by various brands during the holiday season. However, the campaign was so popular among the Internet users that it has been continually recreated through the new openings: a summer, a Halloween or a Christmas one. New occasions are still to come.