Existing shareholders increase their interest in K2.

The present shareholders of K2 Internet S.A. increased their interest in the company as a part of transactions realised with bmp Holding AG fund (formerly bmp Media Investors AG). The sale of over 11% of shares by bmp is another consequence of the new investment strategy of the company. bmp intends to entirely leave the investment in the near future and sell the remaining block of shares.

"The present increase in the interest by the existing shareholders of K2 as a part of block transactions and also recent acquisitions of parties related to the company testify that they have confidence in the company and its future. In my opinion it constitutes an important factor which guarantees stability to the company. I would like to say thank you for the confidence we were given by investors. We will make every effort so that the investment in K2 brings expected results to the shareholders.
At the same time I would like to thank bmp with Jens Spyrka for the huge contribution into the Company's and the whole Group's development, and in particular their assistance in moments critical for the company. During 15 years of our cooperation we have established an organisation of almost 350 people with a leading position on the market. Projects such as Audioteka or OKTAWAVE were established and are still developing. I wish bmp many successes, and companies which need a capital support - such a reliable and professional investor as the German fund bmp." – Tomasz Tomczyk, President of the Board of K2 Internet S.A."

Jens Spyrka, Member of the Board of bmp Holding AG and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of K2 Internet S.A. sums up the transactions:
"We have created K2 as an investor for 15 years. In relation to the bmp's strategy adopted at the beginning of the year we hand our investment to trusted hands of the existing funds and other investors. We wish further successful development to the whole team of K2 and its shareholders and use of the business potential which we have co-created for many years."
bmp is related to K2 Internet S.A. from the establishment of the company in June 2000. Being one of its leading investors, it has actively participated and supported the company's development. In April 2011 a complete disinvestment was performed, after a sale of a significant block of shares in spring 2008 within the first public offer of the company. Since 2012 bmp has again invested in shares of the company becoming its key shareholder holding 14.78% shares in the company.