Janusz Żebrowski increases the equity interest in K2 Internet S.A.

As a result of the recent transactions on K2 Internet's shares, Janusz Żebrowski, one of the founders of K2, increased his interest in the Company. During 2000 - 2013 he was the President of the Board and presently supports K2's business operations as a Member of the Supervisory Board.

"The last transaction is a continuation of the process as a part of which for almost 2 years I have been consistently increasing my holding of K2 Internet S.A.'s shares." I think that the Company has a potential to create even greater value for shareholders. My investment is of a long-term nature."
It is worth mentioning that Janusz Żebrowski is not the only investor who increases his interest in K2 Internet S.A. Recently, transactions were concluded as a result of which other existing shareholders of the Company and the President of the Board increased their shareholding.