Partnership of Codemedia and K2 Media – stronger together.
Agencies establish Newnited.

Two Polish independent agencies, Codemedia and K2 Media, which grew out of the world of digital media and performance marketing, establish a strategic alliance - Newnited. Newnited will be the largest Polish group of marketing communication within media - cumulated turnover of the subsidiaries amount to almost PLN 200 million. The both companies currently work for over 200 Polish and foreign companies, both large concerns, and medium and small enterprises. The operating leader of the alliance will be Mirosław Kępiński related to the media sector for 20 years, recently as the managing director of Maximus media house belonging to WPP holding.

In the leaders' assessment, Newnited is a necessary on the market counterbalance for foreign media houses, which has been needed for years by the media.  This belief is based on a long experience of members of the boards of the two companies who co-managed the Polish network branches of media houses and developed their services.

Newnited's basis of operations is partnership. The new brand, whose author is Good agency from K2 Group, does not replace Codemedia and K2 Media. The structures of the both companies do not amalgamate. For the needs of Newnited and common projects the excellence centres will operate which will include specialists from the both agencies. Exchange of product and service related knowledge between Codemedia and K2 Media – companies with different market exchange - aims at the improvement of the media product offered to customers and enhancing the attractiveness in tenders.

The alliance operations do not limit to a dialogue. Newnited's offer, supported with a creative, product and technology back-up, includes planning and acquisition of all the media off-line and on-line with a strong accent on a possibility of connecting media, in particular the television and Internet, i.e. the media whose share in the promotion expenditures grows.

I am convinced that our joint experience and modern look at the process of planning and acquisition of media will bring real benefits to customers. Our advantage is strong roots on the Polish market and a great knowledge about it. A wide range of services and programming and technical back-up, exceptional on the market, allows for offering a comprehensive service to customers.  A unique advantage is attitude to the synergy of TV and on-line media. Our strength is a greater flexibility, knowledge of the Polish market and a possibility of adjusting to customer needs and expectations. Of some importance is also the fact that we are close to each other as regards the culture and we wish to jointly constitute a counterbalance to the market, unfortunately often not the highest, local standards - emphasises Piotr Bieńko, the President of Codemedia.

An important distinctive feature of Newnited is the strategy relating to the cooperation with the media.

In the back rooms of the sector there is a conviction that the relations between the media and media houses lack equality. In the traditional model negotiations with the media are conducted from the position of strength and are focused on rebate maximisation. Meanwhile, the quality of services which are offered to customers by the agency, is a derivative of good relations with the media and understanding their offer. We wish to better know and use the innovations and advertising products introduced by the media. Our goal is indeed the development, jointly with the media, of better products, focused on the effect and actually responding to the customer needs. In the times of dynamic changes it is of a great importance - says Rafał Ciszewski, the President of K2 Media and a member of the Board of K2 Internet SA.

Codemedia and K2 are also planning a joint active participation in tenders using the alliance potential - a possibility of exchanging experiences, know-how and analytical tools of the both companies.