K2 culturally for kids.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, K2 has realised an educational and cultural website for the youngest Internet users, The project is devoted to the children aged 5 through 9 years. Its aim is to get the kids familiar with the cultural achievements and history of Poland. The site is extensively promoted in the press, radio and TV.

The new portal of the Ministry of Culture is a first initiative of this type in the world. It is dedicated to the Polish culture and history, which are to be presented to the youngest Internet users in an easy and funny way. It is also an excellent tool for shaping the cultural awareness of young Internet users and systematising their knowledge of Polish national and cultural heritage. The site also contains printable materials for parents and teachers that can be used to conduct lessons in kindergartens and early elementary education. Apart from an opportunity to listen to some the stories, it also offers jigsaw puzzles, games, colouring sheets, interactive fun instructions.

On the site parents can find supporting materials for trips, excursions, which also can be used during school lessons. webpage is full of pastel colours, nice to look at and easy to listen to. You can do some sightseeing, draw, play and hear some interesting stories. Kids can visit one of the most famous places in Poland (Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Torun, Zelazowa Wola) to learn about its highlights, famous people, cultural institutions and become familiar with the legends and tales connected to that place (each of the featured areas has a different choice of attractions to offer). The children during their visits are guided by Kulka and Kulek, whose voices are done by two great actors, Maja Ostaszewska and Wojciech Malajkat.

"It’s one of the most interesting and most complicated projects in the K2’s history. The main difficulty was about how to interest a very young user who doesn’t read or write yet and in the same time meet the statutory goals of the Ministry of Culture. The solution was to voice over 95% of the site content, hence the request to the famous Polish actors to let their voices. Another obstacle was the lack of any benchmarks for such www sites, and consequently, the choice of appropriate content. We managed to resolve it by a thorough analysis and research within the target group (including the kids of K2 Internet staff). We were also greatly supported in this project by expertise of the specialists from the Ministry of Culture", says Jacek Ryniecki, Account Director, K2 Internet SA.

The launch of the project was preceded by consultations of the Ministry’s representatives with children’s psychologists and parents. Moreover, a team of professionals was involved in the works on the project: famous illustrator of the children's books, Joanna Zagner was responsible for the graphic design, while writer Beata Ostrowicka, an author of books for kids and young people, dealt with the website’s texts.

"The KULA webpage proves that sites featured by the administration and government institutions can be as fascinating as commercial executions", adds Tomasz Tomczyk, Vice-Chairman of the Board of K2 Internet S.A.

During the first week of presence on the Web, the site was visited by over 20 thousand unique users and the average time spent on the site by one user was 10 min. We believe we did a good job, as one of the kids asked: "Daddy, now you can turn on only this game for me, ‘cause it is my favouritest, O.K.?"