K2 redesigning transaction processing system Pekao24.

Adopting a user-cantered design methodology, K2 have designed and taken part in an implementation process of a new transaction processing system Pekao24 for Bank Pekao SA.. The design phase was based on a survey conducted among Pekao customers and the analysis of other transaction processing systems in order to assess customers needs as well as advantages and disadvantages of various solutions.

Transaction processing system Pekao24 was launched in 2002. It comprises of a banking section and two other services, Pekao24Makler and CDM24, which provide management service of brokerage accounts with Dom Maklerski Pekao SA and Centralny Dom Maklerskim Pekao SA. Nearly 1.5 million customers have an access to the system, which is visited by almost 300 thousand users daily.

The main redesigning aim was to improve ergonomics and user experience as well as introduce cross-selling solutions.
We identified the most popular transactions carried out by the customers in order to give them a more convenient access to them. We have simplified the interface by, for example, shortening the “Accounts” menu - now the choice is of 10 options instead of 21. We have also combined two lists of pre-defined transfers and recipients in just one. – says Maciej Lipiec, K2 Internet User Experience Director.

An intuitive and logical navigation as well as a quick access to all necessary functions are key incentives for customers to use new options and banking services. A user-friendly interface enables more conservative users to overcome their initial inhibitions against using online services. Pekao24 offers all that customers might need: banking transactions, financial products information, special offers available online only, and also brokerage services - everything designed in a modern and user-friendly way. – says Rafał Witczak, Bank Pekao SA Project Group Director.

In the process of designing the information structure for the new service, K2 have created a fully-interactive prototype of a user interface comprising of 400 screenshots. The prototype enabled to carry out usability tests of the product simulation and eye-tracking tests to optimise the graphic designs before starting the production.

K2 developers team, responsible for creating Pekao24 templates, cooperated with Pekao Information Technology Division while implementing the new system in accordance to latest AJAX technology network standards.

All changes to the new transaction processing system are communicated via , a microservice created and developed by K2.  The agency is also responsible for its full maintenance and communication. Service guides, multimedia presentations and videos - all help to introduce this new way of communication and both companies believe that all customers will happily approve of such major changes.