ACR Interactive Media House for

“More than good products” was the opening motto of net store, which sells products created by autistic people. The store offers unique handcrafts made of ceramics, glass, wood, felt and paper. Media planning was executed by ACR S.A. Interactive Media House.

All of the clocks, bowls, plateaus, stained glasses, necklaces, candlesticks and notebooks sold with logo are single, numbered copies. Before the purchase it is possible to check who has made a particular product and watch a short movie on how it was created. Each product has its own, unique number and a manual with pictograms, used by autistic people every day.

We have decided to sell product, not autism – says Jakub Zgierski from the SYNAPSIS foundation – Our clients are aware, that by buying our products they create workplace for autistic people. However, it is only a bonus to the products with a unique character and high quality.

All products available at are manufactured at SYNAPSIS workshop, that employs 24 adult autistic people. It is the first enterprise of that sort in Poland.