ACR S.A. Interactive Media House joined IAB extraordinary members group.

On June 10, 2008 Interactive Advertising Bureau Polska (IAB) has decided on admission of the ACR advertising agency as an extraordinary member.

IAB is active on the Polish interactive, technology and advertising market since 2000. One of the main aims of the bureau is the extensive education on the Internet usage. IAB focus is on informing of Internet advertising potential, presenting effective solutions, creating and presenting quality standards and showing clients what to expect of such a medium. The aim is also to make them realize what to expect of the Internet market in general and what requirements can they submit to such agencies.

We are glad to take an active and creative part in the development and future of the Polish interactive market. We strongly believe that autonomous interactive advertising agencies can take a significant part in market creation. The reason for this is that such agencies react faster than network structures for changes and innovations at the constantly changing interactive media market.” – says Jolanta Żaczek-Sahouhi ACR S.A. Managing Director.

The prestigious IAB Polska group currently associates 60 internet, technology and advertising companies. In spite of being an independent organization, IAB Polska maintains close relations with the IAB members from USA, Europe and other parts of the world.