ACR Media House joined Google Qualified Companies.

ACR Media House joined Google Qualified Company certificate holders.

Formal requirements for obtaining Qualified Company status is employing at least two Google AdWords certified consultants and operating the budgets of at least 100.000 USD for 90 days. ACR has fulfilled these requirements.

The budgetary requirements are getting easier to fulfill each day – because of the growing significance of Web search engines in online advertising – budgets of Paid Search are rising systematically. According to AdEx research, expenditures on Web search engines advertising in 2007 reached PLN 124,7 mln. Managing such budgets requires expert knowledge, what was proved by the Google exam.
ACR employs three specialists, holding Qualified Individual certificate.

"Qualified certificate has proved ACR competence to optimize Pay-Per-Click campaign, however, it is only one side of the coin. Taking the service as the main field of activity is not a problem anymore. Nowadays, at the time of growing competition and CPC inflation the main problem is conversion management. These are the actions maximizing effectiveness of campaign, concentrated on a target group, together with the lowering of costs per click" – says Maricin Siekierski, ACR SEM Manager.

Apart from managing PPC campaign, ACR develops target sites optimization department, offering Conversion Management services.