Another affiliate program launched by ACR S.A.

Gold Finance financial adviser is now ACR S.A. new client. Within the zanox affiliate network, the client will be selling its new investment products offer.

It is the ninth program launched for zanox in Poland by ACR S.A. ACR has introduced so far, for znox in Poland, clients like: Expander, AIG PTE, Dom Zdrowia, Hoopla, Commercial Union, Tele2, Wealth Solutions, Getin Bank.

Cooperating with ACR, Gold Finance plans to introduce number of Performance Marketing solutions to increase online sales.

Following its program, Gold Finance will pay its partners in 3 ways: for lead, sale and mix model (lead and sale). Lead model predicts payments from PLN 29 to 35 per contact form filled by an Internaut. In the sales model, the payments will oscillate between 0,80% and 1,15%, depending on the investment value. Mix model will combine the two previous ones, however the payments will be relatively lower.