Another K2 project for PKO Bank Polski

K2, as part of its continuous cooperation with PKO Bank Polski, developed the website promoting IKO mobile payment service which is a new and revolutionary solution on the market.

Now we have a light, modern service inspired by mobile applications. The website fulfils information and promotional assumptions, presenting in-depth material concerning the new payment system, educational materials and news about services.

While developing the service, K2 produced and implemented its three versions in compliance with cutting edge technology standards and supporting majority of mobile devices available on the market. Once users enter the website they are recognized automatically and delegated to a website appropriate for their mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, pc). The effectiveness of the service implementation results from the IT technology used by the Bank and implemented by K2 a year ago, which technology forms a solid basis for further solutions.

The project was implemented as part of K2 continuous cooperation with PKO Bank Polski since 2011. During that period the companies jointly implemented the following projects: portal, design of SKO transaction system and PKO OFE service