Audioteka - first the Czech market, now France and Spain

For as long as five years Audioteka service has been changing reading habits of its users transferring them to a colourful world of audiobooks. During that time Audioteka became an independent market leader for audiobooks downloaded through Internet in Poland ( and Czech Republic ( Further expansion resulted in opening of local versions of the service in Spain ( and France ( On each market Audioteka stands out due to its exceptional functionality and easy access through mobile applications to all modern platforms, including iOS, Androida, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Samsung Bada and other. The main supplier of the mobile applications and IT solutions is K2 Internet S.A., a leading shareholder of Audioteka (40%). Additionally, the service expansion is supported by the investor - Giza Polish Ventures fund (20%) which joined the shareholders in 2012.

What is a book according to Audioteka?

Audioteka is a service which specializes in the distribution of audiobooks while introducing, at each stage, revolutionary and ground-breaking solutions. Last year intensive works were carried out to eliminate barriers to purchase for users. As a result, the registration in the service is not required and payments can be made avoiding the registration. Thanks to payments to operator's account (service available to T-Mobile clients), payments within a subscriber service (PLAY) and through integrated payment system via SMS Premium (Orange) each audio book may be purchased without providing credit card details and by means of just one click.

In the case of Audioteka, the distribution does not mean direct sales only. Additional area of the service is the integration, in its broad meaning, with selected external sales and distribution systems. Audioteka, thanks to its Internet platform, conducts direct sales to leading Internet shops i.e. Empik, Merlin and Gandalf and continues development works in that respect. As a result, at the end of 2012, the option to purchase audiobooks as part of Vitay programme and through ePay prepaid cards, in HDS shops (InMedio, Relay) was implemented.

In 2012, Audioteka can be proud of many successes in promoting audiobooks through cooperation with business partners. The circle of the service clients was joined by motor companies Volvo and Skoda which conducted intensive promotional campaigns on the service websites and in mobile applications. Additionally, cooperation with producers of mobile devices was developed through preinstallation of mobile applications with audiobooks, on HTC smartphones ("Na fejsie z moim synem", Bóg, kasa, rock&roll" and "Blade Runner") and Samsung smartphones ("A Game of Thrones").

Apart from distribution systems, the production activity resulting in audiobooks of the highest quality is of key importance in the business model of Audioteka. Thus, Audioteka introduced new standards in 2012 in relation to multi-voice superproductions such as "A Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin and "Blade Runner" by Phillip K. Dick. The first one was awarded with the Golden Duck. Whereas the "Blade Runner" set new standards for binaural sounds and their presence in 3D space. The video presentation concerning that audiobook is available at:

In the nearest future the service intends to continue the foreign expansion to the European markets. The activity on the Polish market will be more and more focused on production activity, and thus already in the first quarter of 2013 two new superproductions will be launched: "The Invincible" by Stanisław Lem and "The Cockroaches" by Jo Nesbo.