13.11.2008 rollout. website deals exclusively with online distribution of audiobooks in a directly downloadable format ready to be played on the computer, MP3 players, mobile phones, home stereos or car CD players (from a CD or flash memory). The author of the project is MDPL Sp. z o.o., established by K2 Internet S.A. and Maxioma Sp. z o.o. companies.

How many books have I read in the last year? When did I last have time to read a book? How many books would I like to read and how many I have read recently? Which books have I not read out of those which it is seemly to know, or which should be read? How many times have I not had strength or time to read a book to my kid when they asked me to? The website and its audiobook offer is a way to resolve the issues expressed in the above mentioned questions. is an Internet site where one can find audiobooks, which are books recorded in audio. They are offered on-line in a form of downloadable MP3 files and thanks to a possibility to burn them on a CD or save on a portable MP3 player they can be listened to on a computer, iPod, mobile phone, home audio equipment or in the car at once after purchasing the selected item.

The audiobooks have been for long very popular in the USA and Germany, but have been gaining more and more fans around the globe. Initially, the books were recorded for the people who had problems with reading of the traditional print (elderly people, blind or visually impaired). With time however the audiobooks appealed to so many people that nowadays, they are addressed to all – from the youngest to the eldest, and the audiobook market has grown to really impressive sizes. It is believed that these are the audiobooks which will be the main reason for the increase in popularity of the literature in the future. On website everyone can find something for them. In order to facilitate the site’s navigation and the selection of searched items, has been divided into the following categories: Tales and children’s literature; For youth; Polish literature; World literature; Crime and Detective stories and Thrillers; Science-fiction and fantasy; Science and professional literature; Philosophy; History; Documentary and literature of fact; Memoires and biographies; Travel and adventure; Religion and spiritual matters; Romance; Guidebooks; Economy and business; School Set books.

Apart from the aforementioned categories, the website features the collections in which the choice of audiobooks is far from the literary categories known from a bookstore or literature classes. Guided by their own feelings, the team of will systematically put the most attractive recordings into the groups based on various “usage cases” such as, for example, Lullabies (for kids), For Traffic Jammers, or For Long Winter Evenings.

Amongst the bestsellers available on website, one can find such titles as: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, The Chronicles from Narnia by Clive Staples Lewis, Polska Piastów (Poland of Piasts) by Paweł Jasienica, or upcoming Brida by Paulo Coelho. website can praise with the recordings of books read by the top Polish artists. We can hear the voices of such well-known actors as Jerzy Stuhr, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Krzysztof Kolberger, Jan Englert, Wiktor Zborowski, Marian Opania, Krzysztof Globisz, Leszek Filipowicz, Anna Dereszowska or Marcin Troński.
On the opening day, the website already offered about 200 recordings; soon there will be over half a thousand titles to download, at the next stage – a thousand, and by the end of next year – more than two thousand titles, as such a number of recordings has already been contracted, and the file treatment has begun.

Apart from the number of audiobooks itself, both the quality of recordings and uniqueness of the offer are very important. “We tried to get the recordings which have never been published before, as well as the freshest audiobooks prepared based on the books whose paper versions became bestsellers”, explained Marcin Beme, a member of the Supervisory Board of MDPL Sp. z o.o.

Buying an audiobook online is absolutely safe as the’s partner servicing the online payments is eCard S.A., which provides e-transfers or credit card payments for the items ordered on the website. In addition, the audiobooks are secured by a so-called “transaction watermark”, currently the cutting-edge technology in online sales security. When a customer buys a recording, an individual and unique identification number is added to it, which is a permanent proof that the recording was legally purchased by this given customer and that they have an exclusive right to use that copy of the recording. Thus, website speaks to its customers: “Your audiobook has been marked with an identification number indicating you as its purchaser and the only legal owner of this audiobook. Remember, this is your signed property – take care of it”.