Converse is K2 Media’s new client

K2 Media agency, a part of K2 Group has started cooperation with Converse brand of Amersport’s portfolio. K2 Media is in charge for CLASHWALL campaign.

K2 Media Team has been supporting Converse’s CLASHWALL action since April. Activities are based on combining digital and offline worlds. The campaign will make use of different social media channels i.e. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with their contents swiftly supplementing one another. 
The CLASHWALL is aimed at making Warsaw more colorful. Inspired by ideas from social media, Dawid Ryski, an illustrator, will create a mural on the wall of a tenement house at Bracka. Everyone can have his/her saying in what the wall will look like. All it takes is sharing the idea or concept via Twitter using #CLASHWALL #WARSAW hash tags or uploading an Instagram photo conveying a positive CONVERSE energy, marked with the same hash tags. The action will continue till the end of May. The project’s communication is with Konkret PR while the mural will be created by Good Looking Studio.