K2 and its new service for Centrum Nauki Kopernik (Copernicus Science Centre). Over 25,000 tickets sold on-line

easier, the agency designed and implemented a reservation system integrated with ticket booths. This way, within just four months since the system’s launch, over 25,000 people have bought tickets to Copernicus Science Centre and its Heavens of Copernicus planetarium online.

The service made by K2 is user-friendly and visually attractive, which stimulates curiosity and encourages potential visitors to learn about the continuously developed offer of the centre.

‘The previous version of the service, also designed by our company, was to acquaint Internet users with a brand new entity, which three years ago was Copernicus Science Centre. Since then, the centre’s offer has grown significantly. The new project enables to present events in an attractive and simple way,’ says Magda Bicka, K2 Senior UX Designer.

The greatest innovation, compared with the old version of the system, is the functionality of booking and purchasing tickets online to all attractions of the centre via an Internet interface integrated with ticket booths. The interface was designed in such a way so as to update information in real-time. Thanks to this solution, both ticket sellers in the centre and people buying tickets on-line see the updated number of tickets available.

Another bonus feature of the system is an Internet camera which allows to peek and check the queue to ticket booths.
An English and Russian version of the ticket purchase system is being developed simultaneously, and shall be introduced soon.

K2 agency has been working for Copernicus Science Centre since 2010 and is also responsible for designing and launching the previous version of the centre’s website.