K2 Group is conducting promotional activities for the Metafen brand

Within the scope of co-operation between K2 Group and Polpharma, the agency has designed a creative communication platform for the Metafen brand. The campaign deliberately bucks the trend of communication for this category of products. The strategic and creative design and implementation of the campaign are the works of K2 agency, while K2 Media is responsible for the strategy, planning and purchase of media.

All the work is done under the slogan ‘Można inaczej’ (It can be done differently) and is focused on Tumblr platform: Pain can be fought with in a different way – Metafen is the first painkiller on the Polish market which contains two leading analgesics: ibuprofen and paracetamol. Advertising can also be done differently for this product category, hence the K2 idea which is aimed at young demographics and swims against the tide of advertising communication of pharmaceuticals. There is no more pretending pain in commercials. The Metafen campaign states directly that we take a medicine only when experiencing real pain. No one is making us believe that a pill will change our lives, as many of the competition’s commercials do.

What’s more, a nationwide video campaign, designed by K2 media, will be carried out with the use of rich media creations on horizontal web portals, incorporating video solutions of YouTube. Pre-roll advertisements will be displayed, among others, on TV and radio stations’ websites as well as in selected lifestyle services in the form of innovative solutions, which border on rich media and digital TV. It is one of the largest video campaigns launched in pharmaceutical industry in Poland.

K2 Group and the Polpharma brand have been in co-operation for three years.
The idea for the ‘Można inaczej walczyć z bólem’ (You can fight pain differently) campaign is the result of a tender won by K2 in June 2013. K2 Media is behind the Metafen campaign media launch.