K2 is promoting PZU claims handling programme on-line

K2 agency, as part of an on-going co-operation with the PZU Group, has prepared a new campaign for the Polish insurer, which aims at presenting how claims are handled in PZU. The campaign’s slogan reads ‘Likwidacja szkód bez przeszkód.’ (Claims handling – no hussle.) The campaign was launched on September 23rd and will last till October 27th.

In the campaign, PZU claims that it’s a client-friendly company, which gives its clients peace of mind. The idea is based on an insight that ‘94% of PZU clients are satisfied’ with the speed of solving the problem and with the amount of compensation awarded, which allowed for complete coverage of damage.

A landing page was created (, containing a 3-quesition quiz assessing the level of stress. The user is supposed to choose the options on the basis of what he sees in Rorschach inkblot test. Having completed the test, the user sees amusing interpretations of their score. A psychoanalyst, known from the TV spot, oversees the whole test, assesses the level of stress and, if need be, advises to use PZU services, as they will assure peace of mind.
The landing page ( will be accompanied by a display campaign in such services as:, and sites of Goldbach and IDMnet groups, and will last over a month.

K2 has been working for PZU since 2009 and within this time numerous product campaigns have been conducted. K2 Group supported the insurer’s rebranding communication process last year by leading on-line activities.