K2 Media is conducting interactive marketing activities for the merci brand

K2 Media initiated co-operation with the merci brand by Stork. The interactive media agency is preparing a promotional campaign of chocolates, combining on-line and off-line activities.

K2 Media action plan for this project includes organizing an event entitled: ‘Czy masz kogoś komu chcesz powiedzieć dziękuję?’ (Do you have someone to thank?), which is scheduled for September 21st on Pasaż ‘Wiecha’ in Warsaw. There will be a special tent in which everyone will be able to record their thanks, which will be posted under a special bookmark on website. The event will begin a few-week-long on-line campaign. From September 30th to October 27th, consumers from all over Poland will be able to send in their greetings and thanks directly to the website. All the photos and videos recorded and submitted by consumers will be displayed in a gallery and take part in a competition. Once a week the competition jury will choose the most creative and emotional thanks, whose authors will receive merci products. The prizes for three main winners include a trip to one of the most beautiful and historic European cities, a tablet and a smartphone.

During the merci promotional event, K2 Media will be shooting a video, to be actively promoted online. Marketing efforts will include YouTube pre-rolls, Facebook ads, RTB and SEM activities.

Actions are the result of winning the K2 Media tender resolved in the company Storck in July.