K2 Project Shortlisted for Cannes Lion

K2's PZU Drive conceptual design was honoured with a nomination to the 2013 Cannes Lion contest in the “Innovation Lions” category.

PZU Drive is a business concept that was presented to the largest Polish insurer by the K2 strategy department in the course of their long-term cooperation. Drive can connect any car to the Internet and present the vehicles' significant operating data to the driver. When the car breaks down, Drive contacts the driver and sends a breakdown truck that is perfectly prepared to remove the detected fault.

When working on the PZU Drive solution, it was crucial to adjust particular business cases to the developed technology, which was possible thanks to the close cooperation between K2 and PZU. – underlined Bartek Załęcki, Strategy Director at K2 – At the K2 Strategy Department, we place a lot of emphasis on the best possible comprehension of the business conditions in which our clients operate, so that we can fulfil their needs by means of the agency's vast technological skills. This approach makes it possible for our clients to develop their marketing and create astonishing projects, such as PZU Drive.

Drive is currently in the alpha phase, which means that it has yet to be modified before it assumes its final version. The tests we have performed are promising. It might be the beginning of innovation on the insurance market. – commented Dariusz Maciołek, Media and E-Marketing Team Manager at PZU Group.
In the case of the “Innovation Lions” category, it is allowed to submit both concepts that have already been implemented and those that are still in the development phase. The full shortlist can be found at:
K2 has been working for PZU since 2009. A number of product campaigns have been carried out since then.
The K2 Group also supported the last year's process of communicating the insurer's rebranding. K2 was responsible for the activities undertaken online.