K2 – the architect of a new service for Carrefour Polska

K2, in co-operation with Carrefour Polska, created from scratch – a modern, client-friendly and following latest trends on-line service. It’s the initial stage of the project. Other service functionalities will be developed and implemented systematically in autumn.

Within the scope of co-operation, K2 has designed information architecture for the service and conducted prototype research, as a result of which a brand new graphic design emerged. The new design’s key features are: its clarity, which makes the offer more prominently displayed on the site, and easy navigation, enabling the user to access information quickly. While creating the service, individual and corporate customer areas were separated. The individual customer section is clear and intuitive; the content has been minimized, Carrefour products on offer are highlighted and the design is simple and unobtrusive. The site’s main functionality is a store browser and a promotional booklet, showing current offers of selected stores. A new mobile version of the website has also been launched.

The whole project is based on Sitecore Digital Marketing System platform and its vast capabilities in content management and on-line marketing optimization. It is the first such advanced launch of Sitecore solution in Poland, within which all internal databases and product information have been combined, making it easier for the end-users to manage the information. Thanks to the technology used, there is a possibility to make real-time analyses of customers’ needs, react to them effectively and in an appropriate way, and streamline the offer by suggesting certain products on the basis of prior shopping history.

Smart shopping is the idea which stands behind the creation of the new service, as time is what matters most for a contemporary customer. It is important that they can easily find a store in their vicinity, verify the offer, choose the most suitable products and, on top of that, create their own electronic shopping list. The latest version of enables you to do just that.

K2 Group and Carrefour Polska have been co-operating since December 2012.