K2 and Tele 2 instructs how to live ecologically.

K2 prepared for TELE2 service, promoting environment friendly actions followed by home and corporate savings. The goal of the service is persuading Poles that ecology is essential and inseparable element of modern lifestyle. Also it will try to present useful ecology suggestions.

No CO2 action, commenced by TELE2, is a social project devoted to making Poles realize how significant and simple at the same time are the dependencies between being ecological and home budget condition. Energy saving brings twofold satisfaction: increase in money savings  and helping ourselves by preserving environment we live in.

Each section of the service contains tips on how to preserve the environment and save money at the same time. The service also prompts how to save water and electricity, how to recycle and means of ecological transportation. Information are introduced in clear, educational presentations which, step by step, will lead through the most important issues. The knowledge can be used at school or at home, combining fun witch education.

Moreover, users will encounter number of curiosities. Interesting tool is the eco-calculator, which enables checking how much CO2 is produced by a single person, and how he can change it.
Eco-news is something unique on the site. Regularly updated information containing latest news devoted to ecology are presented there in a ‘lifestyle’ way. They also contain information about dates and places of eco-actions. Eco-absurd’s is the place where users express their opinion and can choose eco-absurd of the month.

“Virtual forest” application allows to pick and plant a tree in a virtual world. Every 10 trees planted in the service, with the use of flash application, is one tree planted in real world by Tele 2 Polska together with ‘Nasza Ziemia’ foundation. service was created for Tele2 by K2 Internet and PR Wal&Talk agency, responsible for service merit and content.