K2 carries out interactive activities for PZUcampaign "Kapitan Nostres"

K2, as part of continuous cooperation with PZU Group, prepared a strategy and creative concept for both the reach campaign and the rich media campaign conducted under the slogan "Kapitan Nostres", promoting a motor hull insurance.

Captain Nostres is a new PZU hero. The Captain personifies calmness, self-control and sense of security guaranteed by the PZU insurance. Nothing terrifies him. No strange and abstract situation. On the contrary, the Captain shows how to maintain peace and relaxation in life. The objective of the campaign is to inform the clients that if you have the insurer's products you may feel confident because PZU is a company you may rely on.

As part of its activities K2 developed the website and Custom Gadget on You Tube "Kapitan Nostres i Nienazwane Ryzyka" [Captain Nostres and Unnamed Risks]- – a set of 6 games which show that no situation can knock that hero off balance. The Internet users may challenge Nostres to a duel and put an enormous pressure on the Captain. In each situation Nostres shows extreme self-control, which together with the problems he faces creates paradoxes on which the humour of the films is based. The self-controlled nature of Nostres is a clear reference to PZU, an insurer which provides peace and security.

The campaign will last until 22 April this year. The concept and creation were prepared by PZL agency, media were purchased by Starlink, online activities are carried out by K2.