K2 delivers another project for PKO Bank Polski – the website of the PKO BP Brokerage House

K2 has developed a new website for the PKO BP Bank Polski Brokerage House ( It is another project for the Bank based on the proprietary technology developed by the K2’s IT team. The new release of the website has been available since July 2013.

This is where information from PAP and Reuters news agencies and stock exchange news provided by Notoria are presented. The mechanism of displaying stock quotes within the website is integrated with the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s system. With the advanced solutions available in HTML5, the quotes are presented online and the Flash technology is not used anywhere in the website. Users may personalise newsletters sent to them and configure individual dashboards by moving and adding components: indices and stock prices, session statistics, news releases and messages, and other market information. The website’s assets include also transparency, easy navigation and good legibility of presented information.

The navigation interface is based on the experience acquired during development of mobile devices where the ease of use is a priority. Large buttons are used for navigation and the traditional, extensive menu has been eliminated. With this innovative approach to navigation, accessing individual pages is perceived as intuitive and easy to learn.

The website has been developed according to all guidelines of the new CI designed by K2 for the websites of companies in the Capital Group of PKO Bank Polski. This is why users of the Brokerage House’s website, similarly as for the PKO website (, experience maximum simplicity and comfort of use – and the feeling of security and confidence. The pure and almost ascetic form helps to focus on the key information. Large, legible buttons encourage users to interact and explore services provided by the Brokerage House.

The business relationship between K2 and PKO Bank Polski started in April 2011. Since then, the following projects have been implemented: sales campaigns, development of the SKO transactional website for children (, the website for children below 13 called “Junior” (; websites for companies in the Capital Group of PKO Bank Polski have been developed as well: General Pension Company (, Factoring (
Recently, also a magazine for the Bank’s clients has been launched (