K2 develops elite website for Noble Concierge customers.

Within the strategic partnership between K2 and Noble Concierge the image website was created. It is aimed at presenting opportunities which relate to using the VIP service called Concierge. The website is one of the main elements reinforcing the brand image being built on the Polish market as well as creating the need for this type of services.

The site builds strong association of the Noble Concierge brand with the lifestyle, luxury, prestige, professionalism and trust-based close relations bank advisor – customer. Its format refers to top-class, aspiration on-line magazines. It builds the awareness of a need for a skilful exchange of money into a modern and satisfying lifestyle allowing to achieve life goals. Moreover, the site features the programme of exclusive possibilities provided within the offer. A good concierge is an expert on a dynamic lifestyle, with experience and precious specialist knowledge on what is worth investing your money as for material goods and services.

Consequently, the website has a form of a lifestyle magazine. It promotes the opinion-making character of the Noble Concierge brand. The strongest emphasis was put on a unique and comprehensive content created by the Concierge consultants and its partners, who have competencies, broad knowledge and access to information not dealt with in the traditional media. It contains news on events worth taking part in, information on places worth seeing, trendiest objects and goods and a number of ideas on how to make your life more attractive and enjoyable. It gives you tips, advice, valuable information on the world of art and design, automobile, technology and fashion innovations. The information is gathered like in a handbook of knowledge guiding you on what is worth investing in and how to pass your leisure time and take care of your personal development, enrich your experiences and sensations.
The whole site was built in the way to ensure smooth updating of the magazine’s content. Thanks to the software developed by K2 experts allowing for keeping the news-based format of the site, the top stories and the hottest news are posted on a regular basis and the site itself is 100% managed by the Client’s representatives.

In addition, the site has been fitted with several extra functionalities devoted only to the Noble Concierge customers: it allows to contact an individual advisor, order a service or download an electronic version of the magazine.

Another attractive VIP feature of the site is going to be an exclusive on-line shop available only to the signed-in customers offering unique goods to be purchased via the website. The Noble Shopping offer will include an elite and well-selected variety of items, limited editions, original gadgets and market novelties.